Is Your Website Tired and Needing a Perk Up?



Is Your Website Tired and Needing a Perk Up?In the world of manufacturing, battling the competition requires a strategy of building a powerful and positive image. Quite often, it starts with how a company appears online. When your customers or prospects visit your website, what type of message are you sending? Strong and capable, or outdated and irrelevant?

Unfortunately, many companies miss opportunities because they don't fully understand the potential influence their website has. They neglect design, website copy and other digital essentials. This results in an ineffective and 'bad' website. It also leaves visitors questioning whether the company is the best to do business with.

Upgrading your website is crucial for ensuring business success. Below are five reasons why upgrading your website shouldn't be considered optional:

  1. Visual Appeal: Are your website's images too small or too grainy to see any real detail? Do you have pages of text, but barely any compelling photos?
  2. Content: Does your most recent case study feature a company that is no longer in business? Does it seem that no one gave a second thought to editing and formatting?​
  3. Security: You might think hackers aren’t concerned about a company like yours, right? Wrong! Injected malware can cause serious damage. What digital security measures does your company have in place?
  4. Mobile Compatibility: People generally stay longer on sites that are easier to view and navigate on smaller screens. Why? Because navigation buttons are easier to click and scrolling is used. Is your site mobile-friendly?
  5. SEO: Is your company fighting to show up on page 13 of Google? Correct placement and designation of appropriate page-specific keywords is of the utmost importance.

The Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center is committed to helping you establish a strong online presence to develop your small to mid-size business. Many factors come into play when it comes to marketing efforts, but we focus on three key areas: enhancing website searchability, tracking website traffic, and optimizing website content. A more efficient website is just a click away. Get in touch with a Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center digital expert here.

Stephanie NovrockiStephanie Novrocki, Administrative Technology Specialist
Stephanie helps clients reach their full digital potential by assisting clients in creating and implementing plans for online growth and website development. Since joining The Center in 2013, her roles have included Client Coordinator, Materials Coordinator & Salesforce Super User. In 2021, Stephanie joined the Industry 4.0 team where she manages the pipeline of industry leads. 


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