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Nothing increases website engagement, generates sales and connects with customers like video. Why? The right videos can turn your boring, static, day-old doughnut website into an engaging, interactive destination. Videos are the perfect way to communicate your company’s own unique story, explain your product’s value, cultivate existing relationships and introduce yourself to prospects. According to the Online Publishers Association, 80 percent of Internet users recall watching a video on a website they visited in the past 30 days. Of that group, 46 percent took some action after viewing.

Do you want your viewers to take action? If so, read on…
Before the rise of the Internet, television commercials made their mark on our culture. Impactful, meaningful or just plain unforgettable, these :30 or :60 gems are prime examples of how a short video can leave a long-lasting impression. So, what can we learn from some of the most iconic television commercials of all time? A LOT. (If you aren’t familiar with a few of the commercials I mention in this blog, look them on up YouTube. You will thank me!)

Four Ways Video Can Benefit Your Business
1. Educates Customers – (Flo from Progressive knows her stuff.) You understand your product(s) inside and out, but do your customers?

  • Show your product(s) up close or in action
  • Tell your customers why your product is innovative or useful
  • Demonstrate and explain how your product works

2. Puts a Face Behind the Name – (Remember Dave Thomas from Wendy’s?) Your business is not just a building or a parking lot. It’s the people who matter most.

  • A brief video can welcome potential employees
  • Introduce your leadership team and key personnel
  • Customer testimonials will portray your company in a positive light

3. Encourages Repeat Visitors – (From Abraham Lincoln to the rock band Styx, Geico does it right by constantly mixing it up.) By changing your quality content on a regular basis, Google will re-index your site, providing enhanced search engine optimization (SEO) opportunity.

  • Use a subscription feature to inform visitors about new content
  • Promote upcoming events and summarize recent activities
  • Produce weekly, bi-weekly or monthly videos to highlight timely news

4. Search Engines Thrive On Video Content – (“I’m Lovin’ It” and “Yo Quiero Taco Bell” were popular messages for many reasons.) With proper video SEO, you can use video to drive more traffic to your website.

  • Use keywords when crafting titles and tagging videos
  • Each video produced should focus on a specific search term
  • Utilize several video sharing sites to link back to your company’s website

When producing videos, you must keep the following suggestions top of mind. Otherwise, your customers will be asking, “Where’s the Beef?”

Repeating Message – Whether it’s Pizza! Pizza! or the unforgettable Aflac duck, make it memorable (in a good way). Focus on one message per video. Don’t overload it with too many ideas which can be overwhelming.

Make the Message Clear – “Time to make the doughnuts.” This iconic commercial from Dunkin’ Doughnuts showed us that a simple message resonates with customers. Keep your audience in mind with your choice of words. Stay away from words that your customers may not identify with or understand.

Keep It Real – Viewers appreciate real people. Think Jake from State Farm—a relatable spot about mistaken identity at 3 a.m. between a man, his wife and a khaki-wearing insurance agent. This spot is believable and doesn’t feel scripted. That should be your baseline when creating any original online content.

Be Concise – While the Energizer Bunny keeps “going and going,” the videos on your website must get to the point … fast. Engage your audience! There’s nothing worse than content that wastes time—long, awkward pauses, filler words like “um” and outdated, irrelevant content all should be avoided. Take a lesson from successful commercials and avoid useless cr … well, think about Mr. Whipple in the classic Charmin commercials. You get the picture.

Remember, videos can make (or break) your website. If your first attempt doesn’t make the cut, try again.

Looking to Achieve Commercial Success with Your Website?
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Charlie Westra, Growth Services Program Manager
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