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Success with The Center

JCGIBBONS MANUFACTURING: Integrating Cobots for Improved Efficiencies

We wouldn’t have purchased a cobot if it wasn’t for the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center and their Technology Opportunity Assessment. They came out and guided us through this experience and are now helping us purchase our own. The Center provided a framework for us to do the research and make good financial decisions that will result in a big win for us.
-- Dan Gibbons, Vice President

JCGibbons Manufacturing Inc. (www.jcgibbons.com) provides custom CNC and screw machining services to customers in the U.S. and Canada. From their 22,000 square foot machine shop in Livonia, Mich. with 22 employees, they specialize in the low and high-volume production of small and large parts for the automotive, defense, plumbing, aerospace, HVAC, oil and gas, electrical and alternative energy industries.


In recent years, JCGibbons has seen and heard of companies integrating cobots into their shop to improve production. At first, they thought it was just for larger businesses. But, as they started to see their competition implement more technology, they were worried of falling behind. JCGibbons wanted to stay on the forefront of the industry and keep their competitive edge. Software implementation is a daunting experience and can sometimes take months to fully realize. With the help of the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center (The Center), JCGibbons is shortening that learning curve tenfold.


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To explore how technology could advance the company, JCGibbons reached out to The Center. Experts from The Center’s Industry 4.0 team toured the company and performed a Technology Opportunity Assessment. Their goal was to assess the machines and equipment JCGibbons had and find ways to integrate technology that would help improve production.

The Center’s Industry 4.0 team walked JCGibbons through the process and demonstrated the ROI value of utilizing a cobot. After multiple discussions, The Center loaned a UR5e cobot to JCGibbons. Within 24 hours, the team was able to program and implement the cobot into current production. The cobot helped them better utilize their team, while also showing a commitment to bringing in new technology. A job shop manufacturer specializing in CNC and screw machining products requires agility to stay competitive. Introducing the cobot keeps JCGibbons on that trajectory.

Within a few weeks, JCGibbons saw the value of the UR5e in their company. Improved throughput and increased efficiencies were instantly noticed. In addition to increased efficiencies, these improvements will lead to improved on-time deliveries and a better customer experience.

After realizing the benefits of the cobot, JCGibbons invested in their own UR5e cobot with help from The Center’s experts. Now that the new technology is fully implemented on the shop floor, JCGibbons continues to see positive results.


  • Throughput improved by 40%
  • $80,000 investment with integration
  • $25,000 in savings since cobot implementation