JC Gibbons Manufacturing

Success with The Center

JC GIBBONS MANUFACTURING, INC.: Strengthened Digital Presence Drives New Sales

Establishing a competitive online presence that effectively conveys the type of company we are, and what we value, was no easy task. From scope to execution, working with The Center was a great experience. This new website embodies the mission, vision and values of JC Gibbons and we are very proud of how it turned out.
-- Dan Gibbons, Vice President

JC Gibbons Manufacturing, Inc. (www.jcgibbons.com) manufactures specialty and custom CNC and screw machine products for the automotive, defense, medical, oil and gas, HVAC, and a variety of other industries. Their 22,000 square foot machining shop offers full production capabilities. They accommodate quick turn-around and both low and high-volume production requests. JC Gibbons employs 25 at their Livonia, Michigan location.


Since 1959, JC Gibbons has committed to continuous improvement through various organizational implementations and initiatives. With a mission to build life-long customer relationships, JC Gibbons management recognized an opportunity to strengthen their brand and stay competitive by expanding and improving their website. Although they currently had a website, it didn’t showcase their products as effectively as they would have liked, lacked lead generation prompts, navigation wasn’t intuitive, and was operating on an old CMS platform.


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With a clear vision of what they wanted to accomplish, JC Gibbons contacted the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center (The Center). The digital experts at The Center met with JC Gibbons’ management team to first address the goals of the project. After identifying their various concerns and “wish list” items, The Center began to map out a new, user-friendly website.

To position JC Gibbons as one of the world’s pre-eminent parts manufacturers, a photo gallery showcasing products and parts was created to highlight capabilities and samples of recent work. Call-to-action prompts, such as “Request a Quote”, “Contact Us Today”, and “Quick Quote”, were placed on every page to increase lead generation. Behind the scenes, a modern CMS was adopted, and much time was spent on site engine optimization to drive organic traffic.


  • New Sales: $100,000
  • Retained Sales: $500,000
  • Retained Employees: 13