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Success with The Center

EAGLE TECHNOLOGIES: Getting Better Results with Continuous Improvement

The Center was extremely helpful in identifying areas in which we could improve our workflow. Their guidance and suggestions allowed us to make several changes that have greatly impacted our day-to-day operations so we can better serve our customers.
-- Brandon Fuller, Owner/Partner

Eagle Technologies (www.eagletechnologies.com), located in Bridgman, Mich., has more than 250 employees and is growing rapidly. Eagle Technologies builds custom machines that automate factories around the globe. From high-tech robotics to advanced product testing capabilities, they offer end-to-end solutions for every industry. Their services include project management, mechanical engineering, controls engineering, manufacturing, training, field service and support, and turnkey solutions.


Eagle’s mission is to be the best source of innovative, solution-driven assembly, testing and process applications. To continue to be this source for their customers, Eagle needed to identify areas within their own facility for improvement. On the corporate side of the company, teams were structured in a traditional hierarchy, which led to roadblocks. Management knew there were inefficiencies with office software and wanted to find and eliminate waste for a smoother workflow.


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To uncover areas of opportunity, Eagle contacted the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center (The Center). A lean expert from The Center consulted with Eagle and advised them on their structure, processes, and team. A value stream mapping process documented and analyzed the flow of information and materials. Implementing what they learned from The Center, Eagle made changes to reduce waste including:

• Switching to a matrix reporting structure. This put Eagle’s project management team in the decision-making seat and gave them more ownership over their primary objectives.

• Improving focus on project costs and meeting margins using new software. Eagle trained all departments on how to add functionality to their enterprise business system software.

• Updating the engineer to order (ETO) software. ETO software was updated to include added work center functionality and routing, auto report distribution and AutoCAD Electrical BOM import.

• Anticipating projects. Eagle used Salesforce to predict projects and entered them into the enterprise resource planning software (ERP). The ERP forecasts projects determine theoretical workload levels and staffing requirements.

• Focusing on workspaces. To reduce time waste in their conference room, Eagle added sign-in and how-to technology instructions for conference calls. Time spent searching for reports was also an issue. To solve this, they added a “favorites” section in their corporate business system where commonly used files could be found.

• Growing their workforce. Eagle added a Processor position in the machining department to improve the speed of getting fabrications and machining. This allowed Eagle to get multiple quotes for the best price.


  • Increased Jobs: 20
  • Improved Productivity by 12%
  • Cost Savings: $1.4 million annually