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Success with The Center

IMPACT FAB: Assessment Provides First Step Towards Industry 4.0 Integration

In today’s world it’s easy to be overwhelmed with all the information and noise around Industry 4.0. It left us feeling uncertain about what a good first step would even be. Fortunately, we were connected to The Center. The Technology Opportunity Assessment put us on a path of learning where we were and what the best use of our time and resources would be as we began our journey. The assessment was thorough and identified tangible next steps for us. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning more about Industry 4.0 technology.
-- Ross Haan, President

As a full-service custom fabrication shop, Impact Fab ( offers water jet cutting, laser cutting, metal forming, welding, CNC machining and CAD engineering from their shop located in Holland, Mich. Between their two Holland locations, this 28-year-old, family-owned business employs 45 team members.


Ross Haan, President, and Brad Haan, Director of Operations and Engineering, needed a better understanding of where their business was at in relation to Industry 4.0 implementation. They wanted to keep their competitive edge as well as maintain and attract new customers. Without a deeper understanding of where they stood, they would not be able to make informed decisions when implementing new technology to remain competitive.


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To explore how technology could advance the company, Impact Fab connected with the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center (The Center). Experts from The Center’s Industry 4.0 team toured the company and performed a Technology Opportunity Assessment. Their goal was to benchmark their current understanding of where Impact Fab was in the Industry 4.0 journey, and to better understand where they could improve their business processes.

With the knowledge gained through the technology assessment, Impact Fab learned that new technologies are attainable, increase competitiveness, and can maintain and attract new customers. They also have adapted their hiring practices to talk confidently about how technology will support current and future customers, address potential challenges and promote growth. From the assessment, Impact Fab ultimately gained the confidence needed to integrate technology, specifically a cloud-based ERP, into their business. This implementation was a necessary first step before they could invest in additional business technologies.


  • Cost Savings: $2,400
  • New Investment in ERP System Upgrade: $8,000
  • Improved productivity
  • Year-over-year sales growth of 50%
  • Encouraged a culture of innovation