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Standard Work: The Key to Optimizing Operational Activity

9/30/2016 - THE CENTER
Standardized work is perhaps one of the most powerful lean tools that will have the most impact on your organization’s daily operational activities ─ yet, it is the least used lean tool of the Lean Manufacturing concept. Why?

Hoshin Planning Benefits the Manufacturing Sector

9/23/2016 - THE CENTER
Hoshin Planning, commonly referred to as “policy deployment”, is a method utilized to ensure that the strategic goals of a company are consistently driving development and action at every functional level of an organization. This type of methodology endeavors to remove all wastes resulting from discrepancies of direction and lack of communication in order to get every employee on the same page.

Positive A3 DMAIC Problem-Solving Culture

9/16/2016 - THE CENTER
All members of a company have a responsibility to solve workplace problems. Effective problem solving is critical for personal and business success. However, being able to execute solutions in a timely and cost-effective manner is often a challenge.

Create a Culture of Continuous Improvement with Kaizen

9/9/2016 - THE CENTER
Most manufacturers would assume their organization follows a continuous improvement approach, where they improve their products, services and processes in efforts to sustain success. However, according to the Kaizen/Lean Philosophy, Continuous Improvement is much more complex.

Kamishibai Cards: Often Referred to as TPM Cards

6/17/2016 - THE CENTER
Quality must be built in to each process, making sure each person checks and is resposible for their own work. But this is not enough to guarantee 100% quality.  It is a myth to think that “lean means no inspection”. In fact, there are multiple checkpoints – and checks of checkpoints - within a build-in-quality system.

Lean Manufacturing – Don’t Leave Home Without it!

4/8/2016 - THE CENTER
In today’s age, it is amazing that some manufacturers have not yet heard of “Lean”. The question is: How are they surviving in today’s competitive market without it? The issue is that, in many ways, the customer sets pricing.

Business Continuity Planning: Mitigate the Risk of Disasters and Emergencies

2/5/2016 - THE CENTER
Imagine sitting at your table and watching the news while drinking your morning coffee. The newscaster’s voice booms as he breaks the latest story: a fire burned through the night and destroyed almost half of the warehouses and businesses in a nearby industrial park.

Scrap Happens! The Importance of Minimizing and Removing Scrap

12/18/2015 - THE CENTER
Electronics, chemicals, metal, food... scrap happens in all industries and to some extent, it’s unavoidable. In most production processes, there will always be some amount of unusable product such as subpar raw material, product that was destroyed or damaged during the production phase, or finished goods that did not meet customer specifications.

Improve Operational Performance through Production Preparation Process (3P)

11/20/2015 - THE CENTER
Remember the old adage, “Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door”? It is no longer acceptable just to build a better mousetrap. That mousetrap must now be built using a team-oriented approach and it should deliver a product/process in less time, using less material and fewer capital resources.

Recognize the Signs & Power of Kanban

10/30/2015 - THE CENTER
Lean is a powerful, effective and simple to understand business improvement activity. Kanban, a lean information and material flow control tool, is a great example of this simplicity. Initiated by Toyota, Kanban is a concept that relates to obtaining materials or required items 'just in time' for their introduction into the assembly or process.

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