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Set Up for Success: Implementing a Culture of Continuous Improvement

1/27/2017 - THE CENTER
“How can we do better?” It’s an ongoing question for business owners and managers.  In order to lead your organization towards sustained success in 2017, it’s imperative that you look for new ways to optimize organizational processes and operations. This will help leverage your company’s competitive advantage. 

2016 Highlights in Manufacturing

12/1/2016 - THE CENTER
According to a recent report by Deloitte, the United States is expected to take over the number one position as the most competitive manufacturing nation from China by the end of the year—with Germany holding steady at number three. The United States continues to improve its ranking as technological innovation sweeps across the manufacturing landscape and new opportunities continue to arise.

QMS True North

11/18/2016 - THE CENTER
When navigating by map and compass, it is important to be aware of magnetic declination. The magnetic north is not located at the North Pole, so more than likely, your compass is not truly pointing north. You need to adjust your compass reading and account for the difference to find True North.

Implementing Lean Six Sigma

11/4/2016 - THE CENTER
If you are interested in optimizing your organization’s capabilities and efficiencies to produce the best quality output possible at the lowest cost, it’s time to adopt Six Sigma methodology. Six Sigma is a measurement-based strategy for process improvement and variation reduction that utilizes DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control) as a road map to successful implementation.

Small & Medium Sized Manufacturers: Take Advantage of Process Improvement Programs

10/28/2016 - THE CENTER
For small businesses in today’s global and technologically advanced market, it is crucial to maintain competitiveness and stay aligned with larger organizations.

The Case of Lean Six Sigma and the Small/Medium Sized Company

10/14/2016 - THE CENTER
We all agree on the benefits of embracing a Six Sigma Culture. It is after all a management methodology which allows companies to use data to eliminate defects and reduce variability in any process, manufacturing and business alike.

Standard Work: The Key to Optimizing Operational Activity

9/30/2016 - THE CENTER
Standardized work is perhaps one of the most powerful lean tools that will have the most impact on your organization’s daily operational activities ─ yet, it is the least used lean tool of the Lean Manufacturing concept. Why?

Hoshin Planning Benefits the Manufacturing Sector

9/23/2016 - THE CENTER
Hoshin Planning, commonly referred to as “policy deployment”, is a method utilized to ensure that the strategic goals of a company are consistently driving development and action at every functional level of an organization. This type of methodology endeavors to remove all wastes resulting from discrepancies of direction and lack of communication in order to get every employee on the same page.

Positive A3 DMAIC Problem-Solving Culture

9/16/2016 - THE CENTER
All members of a company have a responsibility to solve workplace problems. Effective problem solving is critical for personal and business success. However, being able to execute solutions in a timely and cost-effective manner is often a challenge.

Create a Culture of Continuous Improvement with Kaizen

9/9/2016 - THE CENTER
Most manufacturers would assume their organization follows a continuous improvement approach, where they improve their products, services and processes in efforts to sustain success. However, according to the Kaizen/Lean Philosophy, Continuous Improvement is much more complex.

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