How to Maintain Cybersecurity with Industry 4.0 Implementations


cybersecurity-technology.jpgOne in five manufacturers were victims of a cyberattack in 2020. Of those victims, nearly 30% took three weeks or more to recover.

Smaller manufacturers, who typically do not have in-house cyber experts, are the most at risk of losing their business when – not if – cybercriminals inevitably target them. This risk only continues to grow as companies are focusing more on technology throughout their businesses, incorporating Industry 4.0 advancements like sensors, automation and the Internet of Things.

While these technologies serve to improve operations and performance, they also generate sensitive information and data that can be targeted in cyberattacks. As companies look to implement Industry 4.0 technologies in their facilities, information security must be a main consideration to ensure their business stays protected.

When planning technology investments, the following checklist will help mitigate as much of this risk to information security as possible:

  • Confirm why you need this solution. Technology should not be implemented just for the sake of it. Make sure there is a real need for this specific technology by using your Voice of Business/Voice of Customer to guide you. For additional assistance, The Center’s Industry 4.0 experts can help you discover the right implementation plan for your business using our free Technology Opportunity Assessment.
  • Weigh the level of risk against the benefits. Introducing technological elements into production comes with a heightened level of information security risk. Think through investments beforehand to ensure the benefits are worth the risk and take care to establish and maintain the safest possible cyber environment every step of the way.
  • Determine what type of device you will use. While it may be tempting to go for the cheapest option available, these cheaper products could end up costing you more in the long run as they may not be as responsive to risks.
  • Understand how the device will function. Regardless of what type of technology you end up choosing, it’s essential that you are aware of what information is being collected, what information isn’t being used, who has access to the information, what security assurances does it have, etc.
  • Consider different privacy issues throughout the business. Security and privacy concerns on the shop floor are different from the front office, which are different from the board room, and so on. Some risks may be acceptable in some areas but unacceptable in others. Keep this in mind as you implement your technologies.

To maintain a safe cyber environment throughout the company, it all starts with creating a culture with a cyber-secure mindset. When all employees understand the importance of cybersecurity and recognize the role they play in minimizing risk, the chances of a successful cyberattack drastically reduce. This gives your company peace of mind, while also gaining the confidence of current and prospective customers, ensuring your business will be stable and secure in the years to come.

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