You’re (Virtually) Invited: Join the Integr8 Industry 4.0 Conference



virtual-event-(1).jpgThis year’s unique business challenges required manufacturers to be more flexible and efficient than ever before. As companies worked to rapidly adapt by shifting product offerings and implementing new safety practices, one factor emerged as a clear key to success: technology.

While many manufacturers have already realized great results from implementing various technologies in previous years, others are still at the beginning of their Industry 4.0 journeys. To further educate manufacturers on the benefits and uses of a number of Industry 4.0 technologies, last year The Center’s technology experts participated in Integr8, an Industry 4.0 conference hosted by Automation Alley. There, The Center presented four informative sessions on Autonomation, Lean Technologies, Business Intelligence and Digital Design, as well as provided hands-on, interactive demos to experience the technologies first-hand. A recap of the key points and technologies discussed can be found here.

Along with the other presentations at the event, this provided smaller manufacturers with essential insights about how to effectively implement these leading-edge technologies in any facility or process.

In an ongoing effort to inform and inspire manufacturers of all sizes, Automation Alley will hold its fourth Integr8 event November 9-10, 2020 – this time, it will be completely virtual.

Integr8 2020 will feature more than 75 Industry 4.0 sessions, demos, roundtable discussions and immersion experiences. Key themes of this year’s event include technology intersections, the needs of the future workforce, 3D printing, sustainable manufacturing, creating flexible and resilient supply chains and new business models enabled by Industry 4.0. Keynote speakers are Dr. Irene Petrick of Intel Corporation and Brad Keywell of Uptake.

In addition to being completely virtual, one notable change about Integr8 2020 is it allows for FREE admission for all. This includes access to breakout sessions and demos. A Virtual Expo Hall will be available to all participants, where they can view information about exhibitors’ products and services and message them directly.

For a fee of $75, participants can join roundtable discussions with other industry thought leaders to dive deeper into digitalization challenges and opportunities.

Learn more about Integr8 2020 here or reserve your virtual spot here.

For those who are unable to attend Integr8 but would like to learn more about technology applications available to manufacturers, contact The Center’s technology experts at or visit for more information.


Singos_G.jpgGeorge Singos, Business Leader Advisor
George Singos is the Business Leader Advisor for the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center. He has more than 30 years of manufacturing experience in various capacities. For the past 20+ years, he has focused on sales and marketing management both domestically and internationally. Prior to joining The Center, George spent the previous 10 years working in International Business Development. His primary focus was growing International Sales in Europe and East Asia while supporting North American, South American and ASEAN operations.  

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