Implementing Lean Six Sigma


If you are interested in optimizing your organization’s implementing lean six sigmacapabilities and efficiencies to produce the best quality output possible at the lowest cost, it’s time to adopt Six Sigma methodology. Six Sigma is a measurement-based strategy for process improvement and variation reduction that utilizes DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control) as a road map to successful implementation. It is a systematic, team-oriented approach that will result in a more user-friendly workspace while streamlining operations, increasing value and reducing waste.
Benefits of Six Sigma
When implemented correctly, Six Sigma guarantees a sustainable, reliable system that increases your organization’s revenue and allows for production of products and services to be completed faster without compromising quality.
The advantages of implementing Six Sigma methodology are endless and include:
·       Increasing revenue
·       Decreasing costs
·       Improving efficiency
·       Developing quality employees and teams
Implementation Guidelines
Once an organization has decided to implement Lean Six Sigma, the first step is getting all employees on board in adopting the methodology. Although Six Sigma is a rather simple concept, its effectiveness relies on the team’s dedication to the continuous improvement process, as it is an ongoing process of change and development.
Manufacturers can simply implement Lean Six Sigma by:
1.     Deciding the areas within your organization that need the most improvement.
2.     Educating leaders in every functional level within your organization of the necessary changes/policies that will be implemented.
3.     Ensuring your employees are on board and positioned adequately to effectively carry out the program’s incentives.
4.     Implementing an effective measurement system for each aspect of your organizational production process, as measurement is key to evaluating what areas need to be improved upon.  
If the employees within a facility can fully understand and execute the components of Lean Six Sigma, any manufacturer can be successful in improving their efficiency, quality and customer service.
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