Five Critical Elements in a Successful Pay Per Click Campaign


Pay Per Click advertising, the “Sponsored Ads” that display at the top and side in search engines like Google, is a highly effective method of driving new prospects and buyers to your website. You only pay for visitors who actually “click” your ad – a more cost effective advertising approach than Yellow Pages, ThomasNet, Newspapers and many more traditional forms of advertising.

However, like most everything, PPC campaigns can be a costly game when they aren't well-planned and wisely implemented. So, don't waste your time and money on ads or landing pages that don't do what they were designed to do.

To help you get the best ROI from your PPC budget, focus on 5 critical elements to create and implement successful, cost-effective PPC campaigns:

1.    Ad title: Grab a visitor's attention with keywords, action verbs, and offers that match the intent of their search.  
2.    Ad copy: Expand on the title, but do so efficiently. The key is knowing what motivates your audience, and tempting them to click through with a vision of irresistible benefits. 
3.    Landing page title: Make it obvious that visitors came to the right place. Your title should get boldly to the point and use the same keyword as your PPC add Stay positive by highlighting solutions—not problems. 
4.    Landing page copy: Build on the title's relevance with straightforward copy that clearly reflects the purpose of the visitor's search. Provide a single call to action and a clear path to the next steps. 
5.    Landing page organization: Your most important information should appear above the fold—the portion of the page that can be seen without scrolling. Use an uncluttered layout that doesn't distract from the action you want your visitor to take. 
Know what points to hit—and hit them well. Without careful planning, a PPC campaign can be expensive and ineffective. But a well-directed one can grab interest and spur response.


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