Better Manage Your Local and National Supply Chain

Managing your local and national supply chain is now easier with CONNEX™. CONNEX™ Michigan is a cloud-based platform that centralizes the Michigan supply chain network into a searchable scouting database and integrates with the national CONNEX™ Marketplace. After a successful launch and continued support for CONNEX™ Michigan, free lifetime access to CONNEX™ Marketplace has been EXTENDED for all Michigan manufacturers! This annual savings of $500 can be redeemed when manufacturers upgrade their CONNEX™ account before June 1, 2022, only through the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center by using promo code: CMFFMI22
CONNEX™ puts members deep into the Michigan supply chain network and seamlessly integrates with CONNEX™ Marketplace, sponsored by the National Association of Manufacturers and designed to be the premier system for domestic supply chain sourcing and networking. Using search criteria and filters such as equipment, capabilities, services, certifications, location, set-aside suppliers (SBA, minority-owned, women-owned etc.) and so much more, manufacturers can quickly locate materials and supplies while buyers are able to quickly find the perfect manufacturer to meet their needs.
Join more than 325 Michigan manufacturers who are strengthening their business and growing their supply chain with CONNEX™. Those who have joined are already seeing the benefits of connecting through CONNEX™. They are responding to needs, like the following, posted by CONNEX™ users across the country.
  1. An Automotive OEM is looking for a provider of tooling for plastic injection molding
  2. An Automotive OEM is looking for additional suppliers of:
    1. Rubber O-rings
    2. Metal bushings
    3. Rubber extrusions, i.e., grommets
  3. A Large Manufacturer is looking for a Reaction Injection Molding company
  4. An Iowa company is looking for domestic sources of electric actuators for a camera guidance system
  5. A small Pennsylvania company needs glued cardboard trays used as packaging for cans that are packaged and shipped
CONNEX™ Michigan is always free for Michigan manufacturers. But be sure to upgrade your profile by June 1, 2022, to redeem FREE LIFETIME ACCESS to CONNEX™ Marketplace and view these national requests. When upgrading your account, enter promo code: CMFFMI22.
To demonstrate the benefits and capabilities of CONNEX™, as well as receive a step-by-step walkthrough of how to upgrade to CONNEX™ Marketplace, The Center is hosting a Getting to Know CONNEX™ webinar on Thursday, May 19. Register here.
Learn more about CONNEX™ here. If you have questions or need assistance claiming your profile, email
MEET OUR EXPERT: Rebekah McCarter, Lead Supplier Scout
Rebekah McCarter, Lead Supplier ScoutRebekah is the Lead Supplier Scout for Michigan, part of a national program that effectively identifies domestic suppliers that meet the specifications of OEMs and other U.S. manufacturers, with a special focus on connecting Michigan companies with other Michigan companies. If you are looking to mitigate risk in your supply chain, transition to more local sourcing of raw materials or augment your minority suppliers, The Center can help. 

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