Are You Missing Opportunities to Impact Your Bottom Line?

Do you have opportunities to improve your business but don’t have the people or resources to work on them? Do you wish you had a group of experts who could quickly help you move your business forward?
Specialty Solutions is the answer. The Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center (The Center) can deploy subject matter experts (SMEs) to your company to do the hands-on work necessary to complete a project and drive the benefits to your bottom line. Our SMEs can identify solution sets and help select a desired path forward with business impact.
Think about how cost effective it would be to have an SME who could quickly help identify solutions to productivity issues whenever you needed. When you use Specialty Solutions, The Center can provide that expert for you. They will come to your facility to focus on your principal challenges, define options and execute solutions. This will enable your company to achieve critical milestones and impact your bottom line, even when skilled resources are beyond your reach.
Here are some examples in which we can help positively impact your business.
  • Improve production - ​​We can deploy a Lean expert to come work on your line, assess the situation and engage your team to implement immediate solutions while training existing staff on how to track and sustain improvements.
  • High level ROI research - If you want to explore the opportunity to increase efficiency by automating an operation, we can do the high-level ROI assessment. Our SME can determine feasibility of automation, get estimations for pricing, timing, installation, manpower deployment and more to construct an initial ROI to determine if it is worth a deeper exploration.
  • Address corrective action reports - Our Quality SME can work with your team to focus on and complete a large backlog of corrective actions that have not been acted upon or closed out. They also can create audits for sustainability to avoid rework or the cost of quality to rise.
  • Installation of a new piece of equipment - Before you install new equipment, our SME can come on-site to ensure the location is ready, the team is properly trained, new parts follow quality procedures, that enough safety stock is produced and more. This will help guarantee a successful installation.
  • Improve workflow - Space is always an issue. Our experts can execute a value stream map, identify opportunities to reduce inventory, improve flow, reduce waste and then project manage the implementation of those opportunities. This can help ensure a safe work environment and avoid any potential need for off-site storage.
Start improving your business today with Specialty Solutions. Interested companies can follow these steps to utilize our highly skilled experts.
  • Schedule a walk-through meeting with The Center to help us better understand your needs
  • Receive a quote for expected time, cost and return on investment
  • The SME will create a project charter to ensure expectations are aligned, scope is agreed upon and needed resources are available during the kickoff meeting
Learn more about Specialty Solutions here or get started today by contacting us at or call 888.414.6682.
MEET OUR EXPERT: Jamie Headley, Director of Business Development
Headley_J-web-2021.jpgJamie Headley is Director of Sales at The Center’s Plymouth office. In her role, Jamie oversees client engagements and ensures manufacturers throughout Michigan receive the services and support they need. Jamie is a seasoned operations professional with expertise in change management, strategic planning, leadership, process improvement, Lean implementations, cost containment and operational excellence. 
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