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celebrate michigan manufacturing this 4th of july
The Fourth of July is right around the corner and, right along with it, is the ushering in of vacation season. With a large embrace, we welcome the summer sun, day trips to the lake, and time with family and friends. But, in addition to the “fun things” associated with Independence Day – BBQs, playing horseshoes, and attending parades – it’s a great time to think about what is important to us as Americans: hard work, our personal liberty, and of course, the dedication of our servicemen and servicewomen.
A History Rich With Manufacturing
While we should always be proud of our great nation, patriotism is especially high as we near the Fourth of July. As a bastion of democracy for more than two centuries, Americans take pride in the economic growth of the United States. And they should! It is important to recognize that manufacturing has been a key part of it every step of the way.
Manufacturers have helped the United States through most of the challenging times confronted as a nation. It was the manufacturing capacity of the United States that proved decisive in World War II. Who can forget the mass production of the Liberty Ships that transported vital supplies across the oceans? Or the vast number of Grant main battle tanks that swept through Europe on its way to liberation? Only America had the manufacturing infrastructure to accomplish such things. The world was a better place because manufacturers played a vital role!
Manufacturing’s Comeback
Although it’s great to hail manufacturing’s place in history, we have reason to cheer by today’s standards because Michigan’s manufacturers know what it’s like to fight back from the brink. After being counted down and out during the recession, we found ways to become more innovative, competitive and efficient. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows manufacturing jobs have grown by 4.5% for the year ending May 31, 2015. We have reason to celebrate as a nation: The U.S. is still a powerhouse of manufacturing, as over 17 million Americans are employed in this sector.
The Re-Shoring Trend
There has been a revival in manufacturing in this country, as many companies begin to “re-shore” its operations. The reason? People are realizing the power of American quality in manufacturing. New off-shoring has declined by over 70% since 2003, while reshoring has increased by over 1,500%.
  • the number of engineering doctorates granted in 2012 was triple the amount granted in the 1970s, and
  • the cost of manufacturing steel was actually 2.1% cheaper in the United States rather than China.
The weakening U.S. dollar against other world currencies makes the United States a more attractive place to manufacture. So for those who predicted the doom of U.S. manufacturing, you may need to eat humble pie. The U.S. may not be able to always compete with foreign competitors in price, but we will always win when it comes to quality… quality that comes to us through perseverance and innovation!
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