Building Momentum: Michigan Named Top US State for Manufacturing Job Creation


Yesterday, we celebrated one of the best holidays in our country… the Fourth of July! We stuffed our faces with burgers and macaroni salad, played some horseshoes and joined with our family and friends to celebrate all the things that make the U.S so great!

Well, let’s keep the party going because we Michiganders have another thing to celebrate – manufacturing! A recent article by CNBC confirmed what we already know: Michigan is the country’s leader in manufacturing. From December 2009 until March of 2013, Michigan led the nation in manufacturing job creation by generating an estimated 88,100 jobs for our economy.

Our great state far exceeded the other states on the list. Second place, Texas, netted 57,500 positions. With all due respect to the Lone Star State, when it comes to manufacturing… Don’t Mess with Michigan! (All in good jest of course. While partial to Michigan, we root for ALL U.S. manufacturers.)

When discussing the top states in the nation for manufacturing job creation, the author noted that the leaders offered “products and services that range from autos, furniture, tools, computers, computer software, toys, plastics, food, liquor, machinery, piping, chemicals, oil and gas.” 

Yes, Michigan’s impressive diversity of products is leading the charge! If you’re interested in viewing a list of Michigan’s manufacturers and their products, click here to check out our Proud to Manufacture in Michigan program.
Why is this so important? If you’re a manufacturer, it shows that momentum is building for our sector. Other indicators are showing this as well. The Manufacturing Purchasing Manager’s Index, what’s viewed as a gauge for growth in our industry, registered at 50.9 percent last month (anything over 50 percent indicates growth).  Despite a “hiccup” the previous month, every other month in 2013 has been above 50 percent.  A recent Industry Week article also noted that manufacturing profits were up $6.0 billion in Q1 this year compared to Q1 of 2012.
As the manufacturing sector continues to build momentum, it’s critical to prepare for growth! Do you have a set plan in place to develop new business? Have you obtained certifications that are important in your industry? Are you operating with lean principlesto reduce excess costs? The key takeaway: don’t let the momentum pass you by. Set a strong foundation now so that you can maximize your growth! 
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Image credit: Ingles360. 

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