Supply Chain Resilience: Solution for Sleepless Nights



2022_01-28_BLOG-CONNEX-ANNOUNCEMENT-(1).jpgAs we move into year three of the COVID-19 pandemic, the disruptions to the global supply chain continue. In fact, things look like they may get worse before they get better. Resilience is the new buzzword. While everyone is talking about the challenges, very few are proposing solutions. If you’re like me, at some point it’s time to stop talking around the problems and start solving them.

So, what is the solution?  There are no one-size-fits-all responses to that question. In some cases, reshoring or local sourcing may be a potential solution. For others, it may be offering inventory management services for critical components.  

The Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center (The Center) has partnered with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), i5 Services, and the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) National Marketplace to create CONNEX™ Michigan. This supply chain and manufacturing network dataset tool puts Michigan manufacturers in the driver’s seat to access the Michigan and U.S. manufacturing supply chain in one, integrated resource.

The Center has been conducting supplier scouting searches for more than 10 years in support of the MEP National Network, the state of Michigan, and direct requests from clients and other manufacturing infrastructure partners. We’re pleased to be of service and plan to continue to offer this service in the years to come. Even so, we asked ourselves, how could we do this better? Join me in a game of what if?

  • What if we compiled our decades of experience into a supplier database?
  • What if we then placed the ability to use that database in the hands of qualified buyers and suppliers, to conduct their own searches in real time?
  • What if Michigan companies had a place to post and respond to RFI/RFQ/RFPs both locally and nationally?
  • What if Michigan companies could see, in one glance, risks within their specific supply chain such as:
    • blacklisted companies
    • poor credit ratings, and
    • single-sourced components?
  • What if Michigan companies, with one click of a button, could find validated alternative sources for any one or more of those supply chain risks?

CONNEX™ Michigan does all the above. Launching today, manufacturers can request access and claim their company profile. Created by manufacturers, for manufacturers, this platform enables users to decide whether its information is shared publicly, only viewable to other member companies, or restricted to its own internal staff.

We believe so strongly in this solution that we are covering the cost for Michigan companies. And, if companies register between now and April 30, 2022, they not only gain access to Michigan, but access to the National marketplace at no cost for life. A savings of $500 annually.

Companies can click here to request an account. The Center is hosting an online training webinar on the CONNEX™ Michigan platform on Wednesday, February 2, 2022 at 2:00pm. Join us and see how easy it is and what it is all about. Register here.

MEET OUR EXPERT: Rebekah McCarter, Lead Supplier Scout
Rebekah McCarterHaving spent more than 20 years with the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center, Rebekah views her fundamental responsibility as head cheerleader and advocate on behalf of Michigan’s manufacturing community. Officially, Rebekah is the Lead Supplier Scout for Michigan, part of a national program that effectively identifies domestic suppliers that meet the specifications of OEMs and other U.S. manufacturers, with a special focus on connecting Michigan companies with other Michigan companies. If you are looking to mitigate risk in your supply chain, transition to more local sourcing of raw materials or augment your minority suppliers, The Center can help. 

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