Critical Moves: Effective Communication for Relocating Your Business


Rising costs, changing demand, or new zoning requirements are a few of the reasons companies
decide to relocate their operations. Be it anticipated or unexpected, moving  a manufacturing facility is a complex, costly, and often sensitive process that demands strategic planning, strong leadership, and careful communication for effective execution.

Why Move?
The relocation or consolidation of manufacturing usually stems from a company’s desire to support the growth of the business, reduce operating costs, attract management, or for other strategic reasons. This blog will provide you tips on how to make sure your organization’s clients, partners and vendors stay informed about your exciting move.

Tips for an Informed Move
Below are some communication To-Dos in order to best communicate your company’s move.

  1. Update Printed Material: Whether it be letterhead, business cards, envelopes, brochures or folders, you’ll want to plan and prepare to update all printed marketing collateral with your new address. It can be rolled out in stages, but you will want all material to be redesigned and ready prior to the move.
  2. Online Announcements: Email signature lines are a great place to communicate crucial messages. Add a notation at the bottom of each email to include the new address and expected move-in date. Also, don’t forget to promote heavily on social media. Email marketing software, such as Constant Contact or MailChimp, is a great way to send out mass communication to those who have subscribed to receiving information about your company.
  3. Signage: Take advantage of traffic. At your current location, signs your facility is moving should be displayed on the property identifying the new address. At your new location, post signage announcing it as “The Future Home of…” until the relocation is complete. 
  4. Postcards: Mail postcards to your current and past clients, vendors and partners to let them know you are moving.
  5. Your Website: Your company’s website should be reviewed and updated accordingly-addresses, maps, links, downloads, etc. The homepage banner is also great real estate to showcase your new facility.

Now What?
There are risks associated with the relocation of a manufacturing facility that can significantly impact operations and financial results. Get ahead with better communication. The experts of the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center can assist you. Whether your new facility needs layout consulting, growth and marketing strategies, or lean applications, we are here for you. Contact us at 888.414.6682,, or email for more information.

PLEASE NOTE: The Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center is moving to a new location September 2016. Our new home will be located only two miles east of our current location at: 45501 Helm St. -- Plymouth, MI 48170.

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