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...to bring you this special bulletin. 

We regularly look for new methods and products with which we can serve Michigan businesses, with a special focus on manufacturers. As a result, we're adding key personnel to concentrate on Michigan's emerging and expanding markets. We are so excited about some of the new things happening around here that we couldn't wait to share them. Here's just a few of our latest additions.

John Spillson - Food Processing Development Manager
John has more than 25 years of experience working in his family's food business. Spillson's LTD was the manufacturer of rice pudding and deli sandwiches that were sold around metro Detroit. John will help us expand our existing programs to include food growers as well as end product food producers.

Doug Rulon - Master Six Sigma Black Belt
Doug has so many core competencies that he's a walking acronym dictionary. His expertise includes: quality initiatives, process improvements, plant operations, strategic planning, cost reductions, project management, job scheduling, internal auditing, process optimization, performance metrics, supply chain, change management, start-up operations, facility management, process engineering, control plans, operational streamlining, process development, turn-around strategies, PFMEAs, BOS, PPAPs, lean methodologies, master black belt, DMAIC & DFSS. . . In other words, he knows your acronyms and which ones are the right tool to improve your operation.

Mike Brooks - Director, Materials Technology
Mike is a materials specialist and will be working with companies on various light weighting and materials issues. Mike brings a wealth of knowledge to the MMTC, including years of experience working with composites and plastics materials with a focus on flame retardant applications and compounds. This experience has included work with companies in a variety of industries including marine, recreational vehicles, agriculture, automotive, defense, electrical and electronics, medical, computer, construction, aerospace, and consumer products. Basically, if you make it, he can help select the right materials for you.

Ken Pickett - Materials Engineer
Ken will be supporting Mike's charge to assist Michigan's businesses on light weighting and materials issues, with a special focus on metals. Ken has a strong background in materials, metallurgy, manufacturing and six sigma. He has crafted and taught courses on metallurgy and materials science and has served as a technical liaison with local companies and future metallurgists. Not only that, but Ken also holds 3 patents so can you help navigate the patent application process. 

This is only the beginning. We'll be taking a deeper dive into workforce and other issues later this year to see how we can best integrate into Michigan's existing tapestry of business support programs and agencies. As we continue to leverage our resources and partnerships to expand our offerings, know that we are here to help. If you have any questions on MMTC products and services be sure to contact us at inquiry@mmtc.org. We look forward to hearing from you.
We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming. 

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