Proud to Manufacture in Michigan: Manufacturing Matters


A couple of years ago, MMTC created the Proud to Manufacture in Michigan campaign. The objective was simple: we wanted to promote the importance of manufacturing in our state and highlight the contributions of our local manufacturers. Michigan’s manufacturers were encouraged to display the official Proud to Manufacture in Michigan poster and we launched the first-ever Proud to Manufacture in Michigan Conference and Celebration.

Shortly after, MMTC launched the official Proud to Manufacture in Michigan program. The program includes an online directory of participating Michigan manufacturers. Social media platforms on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter were created for local businesses to network and discuss important issues. Member manufacturers (who joined at no cost) were also provided with a logo, certificate, subscription to the program’s monthly newsletter and access to special offers and tools, including this manufacturing blog.

So what’s with all the hoopla about Michigan manufacturing?
Manufacturing is more than about Michigan pride; the industry is vital to our state (and nation). Take some of these statistics from an infographic released by NIST MEP:

  • For every $1 of goods produced, manufacturing generates an additional $1.43 for the economy
  • Each manufacturing job creates at least 2.91 more jobs in other sectors
  • In just 5 states alone, manufacturing adds over half a trillion dollars to our economy
  • Manufacturers are responsible for almost two-thirds of all private sector R&D
As you can see, manufacturing growth benefits our entire economy. And now is the perfect time to discuss the importance of manufacturing… momentum is building in our sector!
Just yesterday, the Institute for Supply Management released positive news. The Purchasing Manager’s Index (PMI), which gauges growth in the industry, rose to 55.4. Numbers above 50 signal growth and this was the highest level in nearly two years! A recent article by CNBC noted that Michigan is the U.S. leader in manufacturing job creation. From December 2009 until March of 2013, Michigan led the nation by creating an estimated 88,100 jobs for our economy.
proud to manufacture in michiganAs momentum continues to build, we are proud to host the second annual Proud to Manufacture in Michigan Conference! The conference brings together owners of Michigan’s small to medium-sized manufacturers from across the state to discuss the critical business issues of the day. The event will feature excellent keynote speeches and panel breakout sessions where manufacturers will share their successes in key areas. New in 2013, this year’s conference works to promote manufacturing to tomorrow's workforce. Area students have been invited to attend the second day of the conference. There will be 50 workforce-aged students participating in a special "Speed Dating" exercise with attending manufacturers, providing the opportunity to discuss the advantages and realities of an exciting career in manufacturing. Click here for more information!
Remember, success in the manufacturing field means success for our economy. Spread the word: Proud to Manufacture in Michigan matters!

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