Business Solutions Team

Tricia Onesian

Business Solutions Manager

O: 734.451.4274

Tricia started at The Center in January 2016 as a Business Solutions Manager. Previously, she spent six years as a Sales Executive/Relationship Manager for a highly successful commercial cleaning and building maintenance company. Her customer service passion began more than 25 years ago in various customer service and management positions with paper manufacturing and warehousing companies including Westvaco, Abitibi-Price and Toledo Harbor Warehousing. She also is enthusiastic about helping customers in their individual fundraising efforts that support health and community service programs.

Tricia received her Associates Degree in Business from Henry Ford College and has taken additional Business Management courses at The University of Michigan. She also has extensive customer service training from Westvaco and Sandler Training. At The Center, she has been certified in ISO/TS 16949 Internal Auditor Training and Lean Manufacturing Champion.


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