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Burdette lends problem-solving skills to MMTC-West

7/11/2017 - Justine Burdette took over leadership of the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center-West early this year. Burdette brings a new perspective and problem-solving skills to guide MMTC-West through the next evolution of manufacturing. Read the full article from MiBiz.com. 

A Quality Principle: Everything You Need to Know about Total Quality Management

6/29/2017 - Andy Nichols, Quality Program Manager at the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center, discusses the history of one of the preeminent quality management philosophies, total quality management (TQM). Learn how it can help for profits and nonprofits become more effective and cost-efficient. In addition, industry experts discuss how TQM compares to other quality philosophies and methodologies, such as Six Sigma and Kaizen. Read the full article from smartsheet.com. 

Cytellix-Compliance Based Cybersecurity Service-Announces Collaboration with The Center

6/14/2017 - Cytellix, the cybersecurity division of IMRI, announces a strategic partnership with The Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center (The Center). In this partnership, The Center will market and connect Cytellix's managed security service directly with Michigan's small- and medium-sized manufacturing businesses. Read the full article from Intelligent Aerospace.

Award Presented to Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center President

5/29/2017 - Michael Coast was presented the honor at the Foundation for Manufacturing Excellence’s 2017 Industry Awards during the Manufacturing Extension Partnership’s (MEP) national summit, MEP Connects. Read the full article from Production Machining. 

Michiana Companies Stand on the Front Lines of Cyber Warfare

5/24/2017 - Michiana techies have found their niche, standing on the front lines of cyber security, and the war over your information. From major corporation hacks to those annoying email scams, cyber security is virtually everyone's problem. Read the full article from abc57 News. 

Richard Wolin: Manufacturing Revival Here and Across Michigan

5/3/2017 - For many years leading up to and following the recession of 2007, the message was that United States manufacturing was dead. The idea of a knowledge economy without manufacturing was hard for some producers to reconcile, especially with the growing demand for higher quality, reduction of lead time and innovation. These competitive advantages would be hard to meet in the new “farm it out” environment. It turns out that where you make things matters. This story was published in the Record-Eagle's Momentum '17 special publication.

Up to 70 New Jobs, $5M Investment Headed to Greenville Manufacturer

4/27/2017 - Milacron LLC will move up to 70 jobs to its Greenville plant after closing a sister plant in Youngwood, Penn. this summer. Milacron, a division of DME Company LLC that makes plastic injection molding equipment, plans to invest about $5 million to expand its facility at 1117 Fairplains Street. Read the full article from MLive.

Cybersecurity Requirements-Listen to the Latest Podcast

4/12/2017 - New cybersecurity guidelines are expected to have a huge impact on at least 800 Michigan manufacturers who contract with the DoD, GSA, and NASA. Manufacturers must meet the new requirements by December 31, 2017 or risk losing business. Listen to Elliot Forsyth, Vice President of Business Operations at The Center, as he discusses why this is so important. Listen to the podcast from WILS 1320 AM.

Cybersecurity: Keeping Your Business and Personal Information Protected

4/4/2017 - Every day there are hundreds-of-thousands of cyber security attacks happening across the globe, putting your sensitive information at risk. Now many federal contractors are required to tighten-up their networks and systems with new practices to protect their facilities and equipment by the end of this year. Read the full article from WLNS 6 News.

Manufacturers Must Meet New Cybersecurity Regs or Possibly Lose Government Contracts

4/3/2017 - Upcoming cybersecurity regulations could catch manufacturers off guard and put at risk their ability to perform government contracts. Read the full article from MiBiz.

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