Satisfy Your Search with CONNEX™

Using CONNEX™ Michigan, buyers are shortening their search process and finding suppliers with the capabilities they need to mitigate their risk and expand their product footprint. It’s time to start local and grow national. Maximize the success of your searches with CONNEX™ today.
Searching within CONNEX™ guarantees every result is a verified domestic supplier of the products and services listed in their profile. Users can be confident that any business relationship will result in reduced risk and possibly lower costs. Many manufacturers are looking to locally or second source critical components to address long lead times and shipping delays. CONNEX™ can help simplify your searches and remove the noise of traditional search engines and for-profit platforms that allow users to pay to appear at the top of search results.
CONNEX™ search includes a variety of filters as well as a distance limiter, which allows a user to refine and hone their search results. A user looking for precision machining will find more than 1,200 companies in Michigan alone. Those with national access would find exponentially more. Using CONNEX™ operators and phrasing will focus on companies with specific capabilities.
For example, adding quotation (“”) marks around “precision machining” will reduce the search results to a more manageable number. A variety of filters will allow users to further refine their results to include only those “precision machining” companies with experience by industry, certification, process, equipment use, materials processed or even product or services offered.
The magic of CONNEX™ is that new users are joining the platform regularly. These new and existing users are also updating their profiles, which results in added matches and more potential connections.
Looking to fill an urgent need, find a last-minute replacement part, or calibrate a critical machine? CONNEX™ can help! Beyond searching, users can post and distribute needs through the system via the Exchange Center. Buyers can post needs as a request for information (RFI), a request for quotation (RFQ) or request for proposal (RFP). The more detailed the posting, the better a supplier can evaluate the opportunity and customize their response. Once a listing is created, buyers can choose from a variety of criteria, like search filters, to distribute the opportunity to relevant suppliers. CONNEX™ will identify the number of potential contacts that meet your selected criteria.
CONNEX™ Michigan is free for all Michigan manufacturers. Create your account today at For more information on CONNEX™ Michigan, Total Cost of Ownership, supply chain management or other services, contact The Center at
MEET OUR EXPERT: Rebekah McCarter, Lead Supplier Scout
McCarter_R-web.jpgHaving spent more than 20 years with the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center, Rebekah views her fundamental responsibility as head cheerleader and advocate on behalf of Michigan’s manufacturing community. Officially, Rebekah is the Lead Supplier Scout for Michigan, part of a national program that effectively identifies domestic suppliers that meet the specifications of OEMs and other U.S. manufacturers, with a special focus on connecting Michigan companies with other Michigan companies. If you are looking to mitigate risk in your supply chain, transition to more local sourcing of raw materials or augment your minority suppliers, The Center can help.
Since 1991, the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center has assisted Michigan’s small and medium-sized businesses to successfully compete and grow. Through personalized services designed to meet the needs of clients, we develop more effective business leaders, drive product and process innovation, promote company-wide operational excellence and foster creative strategies for business growth and greater profitability. Find us at

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