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We recently published a blog post detailing the many resources- 114, to be exact- available for manufacturers of all kinds to take advantage of. These resources included anything from websites to publications to blogs to books. But what about something more long-term? Something that you can contribute to and continue to draw resources from? And gain access to exclusive networking opportunities?

Countless established organizations in the manufacturing world exist to deliver these unique benefits to members. One such organization is the Center for Powder Metallurgy Technology (CPMT).

CPMT was originally developed by the United States Department of Commerce as part of a series of cooperative technology programs, with the ultimate goal of promoting the progress of the powder metallurgy industry. With members from across the nation, CPMT continues to conduct research on the latest practices involving this sector of the manufacturing industry. But what exactly does this organization provide to its members? Manufacturers interested in supporting the growth of the powder metallurgy industry can receive the following benefits from joining CPMT:

  1. Participate in Technology Focus Meetings, sponsored by CPMT, as well as access archived Technology Focus presentations. 
  2. Contribute to discussions about certain activities happening at CPMT, such as training programs.
  3. Vote and serve on CPMT’s Board of Trustees. Gain a first-hand look and have a say in how CPMT awards its scholarships and grants, develops its training and conducts its research on the industry.
  4. Network! Current members of CPMT include everyone from end users to manufacturers to powder/equipment providers, including big name companies such as Eaton Corporation, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, John Deere Technology Center and General Motors Corporation.
  5. Receive periodic research reports. CPMT is constantly funding and conducting new research projects to benefit and further support the powder metallurgy industry. Members can gain direct access to past and current project findings to help educate their practices and operations. Overviews of current and past projects can be found on their website, which include:
    1. Fatigue testing to investigate the strain-controlled, low-cycle axial fatigue response of steel and aluminum powder metallurgy steel materials and process conditions. CPMT expects to continue gathering data on this topic for several years.
    2. Resonant acoustical mixing testing, which involves preparing a variety of high performance mixes using acoustical mixing technology. Samples will be evaluated and compared with traditional mixing techniques. Compacted test specimens also will be evaluated in the green and sintered condition for improved microstructural uniformity and mechanical properties. 
    3. Sinter hardening improvement. In this research project, different sintering tray/plate materials will be evaluated to compare microstructure and dimensional stability of powder metallurgy parts during the sinter hardening process. The plate materials involved will be ceramic vs. carbon/carbon fiber.

If all of these benefits sound interesting to you, become a member of the Center for Powder Metallurgy  today and join me at the upcoming spring meeting (members only) from April 17-18 in Detroit to connect with leaders in the powder metallurgy industry and gain access to the exclusive resources this organization provides.


Gregg PetersonPrincipal Materials Engineer
As an accomplished engineer, inventor, mentor of emerging talent and successful entrepreneur, Gregg brings an impressive array of expertise and enthusiasm to every endeavor he pursues. In his current role, Gregg works on-site at the Detroit headquarters of Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow (LIFT) as part of a program to propel the use of lightweight materials in manufacturing. Gregg’s OEM and Tier 1 automotive engineering experience spans more than 30 years and includes extensive ferrous and non-ferrous body structure design and innovation, aerodynamics, software controls, manufacturing/processing and more.

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