Three Key Marketing Initiatives for Michigan’s Manufacturers


Michigan’s manufacturers come from different niches and consist of many sizes. Despite their differences and nuances, they virtually all have one thing in common: they want more sales! And when it comes to sales, there’s a very simple rule: you can’t have more sales without marketing.
Marketing is critical in today’s competitive environment. With your customers getting constantly bombarded with sales pitches, you have to find a way to connect with your target audience and drive new revenue. Now is the perfect time to focus on marketing.
Here are three key initiatives to help you get thinking about the topic:
Conduct Market Research
What markets can I expand into? How do I improve my current customer base? What new products or parts could my customers benefit from? You can’t answer these critical questions without market research. It’s difficult to implement marketing tasks if you don’t have a strategy to begin with… and that’s dependent on research. By extracting and evaluating some crucial data about your target market, you can develop a marketing strategy and plan which appeals to current and potential customers.
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Improve Your Website
Study after study is demonstrating that the sales process is moving online. With technology at everyone’s fingertips, your potential clients are searching the Internet for solutions. If you don’t have a strong website that attracts and nurture leads, your targets may find your competitors first. An effective website gets found when key terms and phrases are searched for in Google and its content converts visitors into leads. If you’re not consistently obtaining digital sales, it may be time for a tune-up.
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Own the Made in America (and Michigan!) Brand
Simply put, there has been a revolution of the sorts… we are all about buying American again! Customers prefer the quality of American goods and there’s a preference to support the local economy. Let people know that you proudly make products in the U.S.A. Use the Made in America label in your marketing materials…whether on- or offline.
Take it a step further by showing people that you are Proud to Manufacture in Michigan! MMTC has a free program for Michigan’s manufacturers that provides them with collateral stating that they’re proud to make things right here! Click here for more information.
We cannot emphasize enough the importance of marketing. When a comprehensive marketing strategy is implemented, sales and profits increase! 

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