Manufacturing: America’s (and Michigan’s) Top Priority


In his State of the Union Address last week, President Obama exclaimed, “Our first priority is making America a magnet for new jobs and manufacturing.” Democrats, Republicans and Independents alike all agree: manufacturing growth is critical to our country’s success.

Over the course of last year, economists, media pundits and legislators joined together to hail the resurgence of American manufacturing. After losing manufacturing positions over the course of the last decade, approximately half a million new manufacturing jobs have been added to our economy. From automobile manufacturers to tech companies, the President cited how companies like Caterpillar, Ford, Intel and Apple are all shifting production and jobs from other countries back to the U.S.

As we continue into 2013, we must build upon the momentum of America’s manufacturing comeback. We can do this by achieving two key objectives.

  1. Create a culture that supports local manufacturers.
  2. Promote the growth of our state’s manufacturers.

Accomplishing objective #1 actually doesn’t need to be too complicated. If you’re an individual looking to buy a product or an organization looking for suppliers, support Michigan. For example, you can do this by embracing the companies who are Proud to Manufacture in Michigan. You can click here to see an online directory of state manufacturers. Stick with Michigan… and spread the word!

If you’re a manufacturer, objective #2 should be critical to you this year. Depending on your specific line of business, there are numerous ways you support the growth of your organization such as embracing innovation, developing new business through different means such as market diversification, exporting or lead generation and implementing lean practices. MMTC provides numerous services to help manufacturers grow. You can click here to see a list of our services.

This is just the tip of the service iceberg. Michigan is rich with support services for manufacturers. From the Michigan Manufacturers Association, regional chambers and organizations like Automation Alley, resources are available. New programs and opportunities abound as more and more organizations begin to implement these strategic plans, from advanced manufacturing and contract manufacturing initiatives to Economic Gardening.  

Why is this important to Michigan? Manufacturing plays a vital role in the states’ economic development. The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) states that manufacturing accounts for nearly 16 percent of the state’s total output. This is critical for job creation – the manufacturing field employs 12.5 percent of our state’s workforce, and exported goods support nearly 270,000 Michigan jobs across all sectors. When manufacturing improves – Michigan’s economy improves!

We’re glad people are finally realizing what we’ve always known; manufacturing drives the economy. So whether you’re a manufacturer, a professional from another industry or an individual consumer, supporting the manufacturing sector should be a top priority this year!

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