Assessments by The Center

Our Benchmarking Assessment Tools can Help Optimize your Company’s Overall Efficiency

Whether you feel like your business is running smoothly or you have hit a rough patch, our benchmarking assessment tools can help you identify opportunities for operational improvement. Our manufacturing process assessments are based off a complete business analysis, conducted by our expert staff.  They are trained to find areas of inefficiencies among your office and production lines. 

Process Manufacturing Assessments Available to You


Opportunity Assessment:

This assessment tool will allow The Center to review your company in 12 key business metrics based off a confidential questionnaire that your company fills out. From there, we can produce a report that calculates how much money a company can save after fixing any issues that we identify. 

Manufacturing Waste Walk:

This tool provides your company with a hands on assessment of your facility.  Our trained consultants take a tour of your facility to identify operational inefficiencies and areas that could be optimized to allow your business to run at its full capacity. 

Performance Benchmarking:

This benchmarking assessment compares your organization against other organizations in the industry to give you an idea of how your business is performing. 

Transformation Planner:

This is a combination of all the above assessments; it measures your organization’s data to show nine key metrics and comparing those metrics against similar companies. 

Schedule your free assessment with us today to get started on one of our assessments; or you can check out some of our free self-assessments!