Opportunity Assessment & Manufacturing Waste Walk

Uncover Hidden Opportunities with a Manufacturing Waste Walk

Knowing exactly where your organization’s pains lie can often be a challenging task. Having another set of eyes is often necessary in pointing them out.  This is why our experts developed an assessment called the manufacturing waste walk.  

The manufacturing waste walk, offered for free through the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center allows our consultants to physically walk through your company’s office and/or plant floor to seek areas of improvement.  Our experienced consultants are trained to find operating efficiencies, broken machinery and worker capabilities.

Tackle the Low Hanging Fruit with the Opportunity Assessment

Our expert consultants have developed a Opportunity Assessment to help Michigan manufacturers assess current operations.

The Opportunity Assessment begins with your organization completing a confidential questionnaire. Through this questionnaire, our consultants are able to evaluate your organization by ranking it against 12 key business metrics.  From there we produce a report that calculates how much money a company can save after fixing any issues that we identify.

Some of the areas our consultants look to for opportunities are:

  • Operational Process
  • Broken or idle machines
  • Overstocked products or materials
  • The current map of production

The  Center's Transformation Planner

The manufacturing waste walk and the Opportunity Assessment are components of a larger assessment process, known as the Transformation Planner; which also includes Performance Benchmarking. Combined, the Opportunity Assessment and Performance Benchmarking assessment will compare where your company stands compared to organizations in the same industry.

Learn more about the Transformation Planner here

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Discover unknown opportunities to increase profit margins, production capacity, and cash flow with our Opportunity Assessment and Manufacturing waste walk. Contact one of our experienced mentors and complete our FREE assessment to begin your journey.