Take Steps for Manufacturing Operational Improvement

The Center’s Transformation Planner for Manufacturing Operational Improvement

Lowering costs and increasing profits, while improving processes is what all manufacturing organizations strive to accomplish. However, understanding how to formulate a plan to make these goals a reality can pose many challenges.  At The Center, we have a staff of experienced consultants ready to help your organization create a manufacturing operational improvement process, known as the Transformation Planner. 

The Transformation Planner Encompasses Several Assessment Tools

The Transformation Planner is a combination of the Opportunity Assessment, Manufacturing Waste Walk and Performance Benchmarking assessment. The journey begins by measuring your organization’s data to show nine key metrics and comparing those metrics to that of similar companies in the industry.

Those nine areas are:

  • Inventory Turns
  • Utilities
  • Scrap and Rework
  • Premium Freight
  • Days Receivables
  • On-Time Delivery
  • Machine Run Hours
  • Schedule Bumping
  • Employee Turnover

From this data and comparison, our mentors help to develop a manufacturing operational improvement plan to aid in reducing waste, improving processes and improve performance without additional costs.

Our Transformation Planner Goes Above and Beyond

Not only does the Transformation Planner identify manufacturing operational improvement opportunities but helps to calculate the financial benefits based on current position and future targets. The Transformation Planner essentially takes the goals you set and shows you what additional revenue potential exists by accomplishing those goals.  It is able to calculate benchmarks for more than 30 metrics, such as inventory turns, value-added per dollar in machinery, running time as a percentage of total hours in a year, etc. 

The Transformational Process

The transformational process begins by completing a competitiveness review or PBS questionnaire.  After completed, The Center’s staff will analyze the questionnaire and provide you with an initial transformation planner report.   Once you have established setting the final targets, the planner can calculate the potential one-time (and recurring annually) financial benefits of reaching those targets.  After the implementation of improvements, companies often find that they can efficiently complete their orders with fewer production hours. Overall, the Transformation Planner enables companies to model how much capacity can be made available by implementing/achieving production improvements. Schedule your free assessment today and get started with our Transformation Planner.