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COVID-19 Resources: Downloads & Links

The Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center is here to meet your needs. For additional information relating to COVID-19, please view the following.


Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19 Supply-Chain-Disruption-Planning.jpg Responding to a COVID-19 Exposure at Your Business

Preparing Workplaces
for COVID-19

Supply Chain
Disruption Planning

COVID-19 Exposure
at Your Business




Protect Your Business
From COVID-19

COVID-19 &
Food Safety FAQ

COVID-19 Financial Resources
Small Business Services
Pages-from-30-days-to-slow-the-spread.jpg PPE Sources Mi Safe Start Plan
30 Days to Slow the Spread PPE Sources  MI Safe Start Plan
Michigan-Suppliers-of-PPE-and-other-Products.jpg THE-CENTER-COVID-19-GUEST-HEALTH-AND-SAFETY.jpg SAFE WORK PLAYBOOK 2021
Michigan Suppliers of PPE &
Other Products
The Center-Guest Health
& Safety Guide
The Center-
Safe Work Playbook



The COVID-19 outbreak has upended daily life and business operations for millions of Americans. Learn more from The Center's experts on how to most efficiently respond to COVID-19.

Q: How can our leaders better motivate and guide team members during this challenging time?
Q: Our company is looking to begin making a new product to help with virus mitigation efforts. How can The Center support our new product launch?
Q: How can we keep up with the rapid increase in demand for our product due to Covid-19?
Q: How can The Center help our company fast track our launch process while avoiding delays and costly mistakes?
Q: My company is looking to produce larger volumes or entirely new products to support critical health and safety efforts during this time. How can The Center help?
Q: With our organization currently shut down due to the virus, how can we use this as an opportunity to organize and clean the facility before starting production again?
Q: How can The Center help manufacturers with their Quality Management Systems through and after the Covid-19 pandemic?
Q: Are there different factors automotive firms must consider when starting back up after this extended shutdown?
Q: How can The Center help my company get back on its feet quickly once the Covid-19 threat subsides?


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