DISTANCE LEARNING: 8D Problem Solving (4 Hours)

DISTANCE LEARNING: 8D Problem Solving (4 Hours)

Many things can go wrong in a manufacturing facility. Common problems are errors in specifications, overrun/underrun of quantities, missing production and shipping deadlines, and much more! Sometimes the solutions are not obvious to the untrained eye and mind.

But, what is the root cause of the problem?  And, what can be done to solve the problem? Our 8D Problem Solving course presents the necessary tools and teaches how to utilize them. Yield issues, which are internal, and warranty issues, field failure and customer complaints, which are external, are introduced and worked through by teams that identify, analyze and determine root causes so that they can ultimately solve the issues.

The final product of this class is a student who understands how to report findings, determine and apply remedies, and solve the problems so they don’t happen again.

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January 13, 2021
8:00 AM- 12:00 PM


This distance learning class is hosted in partnership with the Manufacturing Growth Alliance (MGA). MGA champions, serves and advocates for Michigan's small manufacturers to make manufacturing in Michigan the most competitive and prosperous in the nation.
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