Introduction to Collaborative Robotics

Introduction to Collaborative Robotics

With the growing concerns of labor shortages, the applications for automation and robotics are increasing. Advances in collaborative robotics enables even small manufacturers to deploy automation safely, quickly and affordably.

This course is designed for robotics beginners and will cover: robot/cobot basics, components, basic safety, basic programming & how to select the right robot/cobot.

**Note: The is a hands-on course, providing participants opportunities to interact with multiple brands of cobotic controllers, equipment setups, and tasks.

Upcoming Classes

August 23, 2024
8:00 AM- 5:00 PM
45501 Helm St.
Plymouth, MI

This training will give participants the know-how to spot opportunities for implementing collaborative robots and automation into their facility. Students will be introduced to design considerations for automating a process and what can be automated.
Southeast Michigan