Robert Scipione

Manufacturing Services Manager

As MMTC’s Manufacturing Services Manager, Bob is responsible for overseeing 13 direct reports in the Manufacturing Services department. Bob is dedicated to driving advancements in Michigan manufacturing, leading the effort to assist small to medium-sized manufacturers in applying quality management systems, Lean manufacturing and transactional tools and techniques, executive coaching, leadership skills and Industry 4.0 manufacturing technology solutions.

In addition to overseeing the Manufacturing Services team, Bob facilitates the transfer of knowledge in smart manufacturing technologies to small and mid-sized manufacturers and assists with their Industry 4.0 implementations and strategies.

Professional Experience
Bob brings with him 13 years of experience in manufacturing automation system design and software development. Previously, Bob worked as a Senior Controls Engineer at Inovision Inc., where he gained experience in robotic systems testing and installation, software engineering and integrating new hardware components to existing software. He also managed the development and implementation of large software projects and plant launches and worked closely with the engineering team to develop and improve designs.

Bob has a bachelor’s degree in Applied Engineering Sciences with a concentration in Supply Chain Management from Michigan State University.

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