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WELD MOLD: From QMS Novices to Experts With Blended Learning

This training was extremely valuable. The instructors knew their material and were very open to questions. The time spent in our Blended Learning sessions was always enjoyable. It really proved to be time well spent.
-- David Lee, Technical Director

Weld Mold (www.weldmold.com) is an international manufacturer of specialty high-alloy welding electrodes, cored wire and a wide range of solid wire applications. Founded in 1945, Weld Mold has become a leader in the industry by developing more than 3,000 products in various sizes over 70 years, including “floodwelding” which changed the face of welding indefinitely. Weld Mold is known for providing the increased manufacturing capabilities, cleanliness and efficiency that customers need. Weld Mold employs 28 at their Brighton, Mich., facility.


Recognizing the importance of achieving certifications in quality, Weld Mold planned to transition from the ISO 9001:2008 standard to ISO 9001:2015. However, following personnel changes, Weld Mold management felt additional employees would benefit from training on how to effectively transition their Quality Management System (QMS) to the new standard. They anticipated this training would also ensure that their QMS would be properly maintained in the future.


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Three Weld Mold employees participated in the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center’s (The Center) ISO 9001:2015 Blended Learning training. As each employee entered training with no experience in auditing or setting up a QMS, instructors provided them with the critical information needed to transition their QMS to the new standard. Training covered creating a transition implementation plan, understanding the new ISO 9001:2015 requirements, developing procedures, identifying work instructions, and incorporating risk-based thinking into operations such as SWOT and contract review.

David Lee, Technical Director, commented on his training experience saying, “We all left feeling familiar enough with the concepts that we are confident we won’t have any issues in maintaining our ISO certification.” As a result of this training, participants gained the skills necessary to transition to ISO 9001:2015, ultimately achieving their certification on the first try.


  • New Sales: 25% Increase
  • Investment: $6,700
  • Achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification