Ti-Coating, Inc.

Success with The Center

TI-COATING INC: Driving Sales and Efficiency—Website Development is a Big Hit

We truly value The Center’s down-to-earth approach to our website upgrade. We’re extremely pleased with both the increased traffic and ease of use it provides our customers.
-- Leonard Jankowski, Director of Sales and Marketing-Ti-Coating, Inc.

Established in 1975, Ti-Coating (www.ticoating.com) is a family-owned business in Utica, MI with 44 employees. They offer innovative thin film coating technology, service and equipment to the metal removal and metal forming industries. Ti-Coating continues to improve the coating processes that were originally developed for the carbide cutting tool industry. These coatings continue to benefit their clients by offering increased productivity and new solutions for high-speed metal removal and metal forming applications.


Ti-Coating’s outdated website was in need of a major overhaul. They desperately needed help, but didn’t have the large budget that the “big agencies” insisted was necessary. Without any mobile functionality, their website didn’t portray them as a progressive, high-tech, 21st century company. Outside of Thomas.net, the Ti-Coating website ranked only “fair” for key terms and phrases. Analytical tools were missing which made a baseline nearly impossible.

Ti-Coating wanted their website upgrade to offer better usability for their customers, portray a positive brand image and help them grow sales. They expressed interest in managing the information on their website in-house. In addition, Ti-Coating wanted to eliminate the high monthly cost of Thomas.net (which totaled about $12,000 per year).


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Ti-Coating reached out to The Center to discuss their desired goals for the website relaunch. Over the project course, The Center seamlessly upgraded Ti-Coating’s website to WordPress allowing for the following: blog functionality, enhanced SEO capabilities, Google translation and mobile capability—bringing the website to the 21st century and giving their customers the mobile access they required. The Center successfully trained four members of the Ti-Coating team on how to make changes to the website and grade SEO changes for effectiveness.


  • $25,000 in New Growth is Attributed to the Website
  • Request for Submissions are Up 200%
  • $12,000 in Cost Savings
  • 5 Jobs retained