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TEC-OPTION: 7-Year Transformation Plan Adopts Digital Marketing Growth Strategy

MMTC was a crucial partner in helping develop our team into leaders and educating a bunch of engineers about marketing and sales.
-- Bryan Domschot, President-Tec-Option

Tec-Option (tec-option.com), employs 11 people, is located in Blissfield, MI, and manufactures automated assembly and welding equipment, providing flexible modular assembly systems. Their specialty focuses on a patented line of interchangeable tooling modules for automated and robotic weld cells called Tec-FLEX. Tec-FLEX can be thought of as the single minute exchange of dies for welding. Tec-Option serves a wide range of markets, including the automotive, agricultural, defense, and appliance industries, as well as many more.


With a number of industry leading technologies and successful programs, the Tec-Option team was seeking new ways to grow business. Despite expertise in the field, Tec-Option struggled to get the word out to potential business prospects about their patented equipment advantages. They were confident that they built a better product and could demonstrate its advantages to an audience. The difficulty was finding the audience. As a team of engineers, Tec-Option was challenged to identify, qualify and pursue potential new customers.


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The Tec-Option team is on a transformational journey with MMTC’s assistance to develop and implement an affordable, sustainable growth process.

• Goal 1: Tec-Option President, Bryan Domschot, and three engineers participated in a 3-day Sales Acceleration Workshop.

• Goals 2-3: MMTC helped the team shift from cold-calling prospects to using e-mail campaigns for “warm calling”.

• Goals 4-5: Tec-Option engaged MMTC to develop a new website, placing more emphasis on customer’s “What’s In It For Me” mindset, shifting the message from technical equipment details to how the equipment solves customer challenges.

• Goal 6: Tec-Option turned to MMTC for assistance in lead generation, leveraging the new website by increasing web traffic. Tracking website analytics and filling the sales funnel became the primary focus.

• Goal 7: Tec-Option turned to MMTC once again, this time for assistance in optimizing the ROI of sales-driven activities. Metrics are now used to drive decision-making about what type of lead generation activity is required to hit sales goals. As a result, the whole Tec-Option team was able to take the guesswork out of selling and instead, work with the numbers.

Tec-Option’s Quality Engineer is responsible for tracking and reporting lead generation metrics, identifying next steps, and leading activities as varied as website revision, blogging, videos, managing Google advertising campaigns, and more.


  • Increased Qualified Website Leads From Virtually ZERO to Becoming the Primary Source of All Leads
  • Marketing Budget Reduced By About 50%
  • Sales Increase of More Than $1,000,000