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TALENT INDUSTRIES: Profits Soar With AS9100 Certification

The knowledgeable staff of MMTC were essential in helping us achieve AS9100 compliance, which has allowed us to accommodate current clients and attract new business, resulting in a significant increase in revenue.
-- Bill Randall, President-Talent Industries

Talent Industries Inc. is one of Michigan's premier, third generation tool and gage companies. A family-owned business since 1954, they have assisted the automotive, aerospace, medical, research & development, oil & gas, defense, and entertainment industries in the manufacturing of special tools, including high precision gages, tools, fixtures, and prototype parts. With a staff of 19, Talent Industries Inc. has experience in machining stainless and alloy steels, titanium, brass, bronze, aluminum, Inconel, cast iron, and plastics.


Talent Industries Inc. reached out to the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center (MMTC), a NIST MEP affiliate. MMTC met with Bill Randall, President, and Rick Robert, Vice President, of Talent Industries Inc. to discuss AS9100 certification, the single common quality management standard for the aerospace industry. Though Talent was ISO 9001 certified, its customers were demanding AS9100 certification. After joint discussions, the decision was made to pursue certification so as to maintain long-term customer relationships equivalent to one third of annual business revenue, as well as to attract new clients.


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Talent Industries Inc. invested in MMTC’s AS 9100 Prepare & Implement Program. This program consisted of five sessions of training and implementation assistance for three employees, as well as Internal Auditor training. Sessions were held at the Talent Industries Inc. facility, excluding the Internal Auditor portion, which was hosted at MMTC. Throughout this preparation and implementation process, Talent Industries Inc. yielded a finalized documented system compliant with the latest version of the AS9100 requirements manual. One set of documents was created to be used as the documented system for Talent Industries Inc.


  • Generated $500,000 In New Sales
  • Retained Sales Of More Than $300,000
  • 3 New Jobs Created