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Success with The Center

T-TOOL COMPANY: Focusing on Customer Satisfaction With a New Website

We are so thankful for the expertise from The Center. Our website looks great and really shows off what we can do at T-Tool. We are happy to be able to update it ourselves as needed and access the analytics to be able to better serve our customers.
-- Eugene Long, Owner

T-Tool Company (www.ttoolmade.com) employs 15 out of their Livonia, Mich., facility. With more than 35 years of machining and stamping tooling experience, T-Tool offers a wide range of services including tool and die, small and large batch machining, welding, fabrication and powder coating.


In the past few years, T-Tool has invested in expanding their capabilities to accommodate their customers’ needs and attract new business. This created a dilemma for the company. T-Tool relies heavily on their website to inform and attract new opportunities. However, they did not have the ability to update their existing website to highlight their increased capabilities. Basically, the website was not generating opportunities in any of the new skills they invested in. It was critical for them to be able to update their website to showcase their enhanced abilities and continue to grow.


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T-Tool turned to the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center (The Center) for their website expertise and insight from working exclusively with manufacturers, which is T-Tool’s target audience. It was essential that the redesigned website allow T-Tool the ability to easily add a new service offering, update photos, and gain control of analytic data and contact-form routing.

The new website was built on WordPress, which made content management easier, increased cybersecurity and allowed the T-Tool team to make future updates editable. The updated website also includes accurate photos of T-Tool’s parts and capabilities to showcase their full array of service offerings. Additionally, the website was optimized for improved searchability, mobile usage and user experience.


  • Jobs Created: 2
  • Jobs Retained: 8
  • New Sales: $50,000
  • Retained Sales: $75,000
  • Investment: $12,000