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PRODUCT DESIGN SERVICES: AS9100D Certification Opens Doors For New Opportunities

With our previous compliance to ISO 9001, we had many of the necessary basics in place for the journey to AS9100D certification. Working with The Center, we put in a few new requirements of AS9100D and improved our existing documentation to bring it into compliance. In many cases, it was a simple addition to demonstrate how we managed risk – something I did intuitively. As a result, our QMS was ready in a relatively short timeframe and we passed our NQA audit with only a few minor issues to correct.
-- Monty Strouts, Owner

For more than 20 years, Product Design Services (PDS) ( has been the best choice for prototyping needs. PDS offers many types of product development services, including CNC machined parts, full aesthetic models, prototype tooling, stamping tools, ren mock-ups, wood fabrication, custom painting and more. What sets PDS apart is their understanding of how parts are created and adaptability for a specific process. PDS always delivers quick turnaround, value pricing and excellent customer service. PDS employs 10 at their Benton Harbor, Mich., facility.


PDS decided to pursue an AS9100D certification after a major Tier 1 aerospace client required it in order to conduct further business. Their previous certification to ISO 9001 had lapsed, so PDS needed to update and adapt their Quality Management System (QMS) to satisfy the requirements of AS9100D.


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For assistance with this process, PDS turned to the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center (The Center) for expert quality mentoring. PDS participated in The Center’s seven-day AS9100D Organizational Implementation training, which walked them through developing and implementing a robust QMS based on the requirements of AS9100D. PDS still had some effective practices in place from when they were ISO 9001 certified, so the team was able to leverage and modify these practices to suit the additional requirements of AS9100D. Monty Strouts, Owner of PDS, was heavily involved in the implementation process, taking ownership of the changes and driving improvements.

Following this mentoring, Monty attended The Center’s Internal Auditor training to better prepare for their upcoming Stage 1 audit. The Center’s quality expert performed a practice audit with Monty to ensure the QMS was operational and ready for certification. As a result of this rigorous preparation and training, PDS was able to successfully earn their AS9100D certification and, with it, earn new sales opportunities going forward.


  • Retained Sales: $3M
  • New Sales: $1.5M
  • Cost Savings: $10,000
  • Jobs Retained: 7
  • Passed AS9100D certification audit