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Success with The Center

PTM CORP: Updated Website Gets a Stamp of Approval from PTM Corporation’s Owners

We’re proud to be a family-owned business. Our updated website is a positive reflection of our company and successfully details all of the products and services we offer our customers.
-- Dannielle Russell, Vice President of Sales and Marketing/Co-Owner-PTM Corporation

PTM Corporation ( is a family-owned company based in Fair Haven, MI with 268 employees. Since 1972, PTM Corporation has produced billions of metal stampings for their clients—from small clips and fasteners to car roofs and mower decks. Their expertise is wide ranging and includes: detail part design, prototype, tool build and high volume production. In September of 2015, PTM Corporation was granted certification by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) as a women-owned business. It’s estimated that their metal stampings are found on 70-75% of all cars and light trucks on the road today.


PTM Corporation reached out to The Center to execute a complete website redesign. Even though their website was already in WordPress, it didn’t convey the modern “look and feel” they wanted. The in-house team at PTM Corporation didn’t possess the technical know-how to change the design elements on their website, so they asked The Center for training in this area.


Image for PTM Corporation

During the project course, The Center was responsible for the implementation of a brand new website. With the addition of eye-catching images and smarter placement of text, The Center achieved the “cool” vibe PTM Corporation was looking to achieve. The number of website pages nearly doubled—allowing greater site exposure, improved organic rankings and an increase in targeted traffic. The update also gave both potential and existing clients a better opportunity to understand PTM Corporation’s mission, history and value in the marketplace. To help improve PTM Corporation’s in-house web skills, allowing them to make future modifications, The Center provided onsite training.


  • 100 Jobs Created
  • Submissions tripled in the last six months. The average increased from 10 per month to 30 per month.
  • Online Traffic Increased by 30%