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Success with The Center

JIREH METAL PRODUCTS INC: Restoring Business Practices After COVID-19

Through our engagement, we have been able to improve many areas of our operation. With support, we outlined our industry challenges and developed multiple scenarios that would allow us options as we monitored the business and industry. Many of those scenarios then became reality, which we navigated with more confidence and awareness through the focused sessions and discussions within our team.
-- Josh Bischoff, Director of Operations & Strategy

Founded in 1983 as a family business, Jireh Metal Products, Inc. (www.jirehmetal.com) is a direct supplier to OEMs and other Tier 1 suppliers. Jireh Metal provides services such as metal stamping, welding, fabrication and assembly to customers in the furniture, automotive and hardware industries. A certified minority-owned business, Jireh Metal is located in Grandville, Mich., and currently employs 70.


The COVID-19 pandemic and associated Executive Orders meant that Jireh Metal could only operate to fulfill essential business, resulting in a significant decline in sales. They recognized they needed assistance in navigating the disrupted manufacturing landscape.


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In 2017, Jireh Metal became a member of the Manufacturers Council organized by The Right Place and the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center – West (The Center- West). Through opportunities created by The Right Place to help grow, educate and improve west Michigan businesses, Jireh Metal was introduced to The Center- West. Jireh also became involved with the Supply Chain Management Council and Plant Manager Network, which allowed them to develop relationships with other manufacturers to share best practices, communicate and collaborate on business and industry challenges, and support each other, especially during the statewide shutdown.

To assist them in navigating the new COVID-19 manufacturing landscape, The Center-West team introduced Jireh to the PIVOT 2020 Toolkit. With this toolkit, Jireh was able to outline their industry’s challenges and develop scenarios which directly impacted how they were able to respond to actual situations as they became reality.

Jireh Metals’ networking has positioned them to face the challenges brought on by COVID-19. They have been able to add as well as retain employees, while continuing to invest in workforce practices that contribute to their ongoing industry success. Additionally, they have been introduced to new industry markets.


  • New Jobs: 2
  • Retained Jobs: 3
  • New Investment: $14,700
  • New Markets: Outdoor Power Equipment