Hydra-Lock Corporation

Success with The Center

HYDRA-LOCK CORPORATION: Website Refresh Improves Traffic & The User Experience

The team at The Center was responsive and effective. Questions were answered in a way we could all understand and then take action. The website project was definitely worth our time – we are all happy with the result.
-- Ed Debrowski, Sales Manager

Hydra-Lock Corporation (www.hydralock.com) is a leading manufacturer of hydraulically operated arbors, chucks, gages and fixtures and is the only manufacturer that produces all three classes of precision work-holding devices that utilize hydraulic operation. They serve the gear, automotive, aerospace, defense and medical industry. Located in Mt. Clemens, Mich., and employing 40, Hydra-Lock has developed more than 80 patents, with Conform-A-Chuck®, Conform-A-Arbor® and Hydra-FLEX® concepts being the most recent.


No stranger to the importance of creating a strong digital presence, Hydra-Lock Corporation wanted to “freshen up” their website, which was a few years old. Wanting a new look, product-centered focus and increased site traffic for potentially increased sales, Hydra-Lock reached out to the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center (The Center).


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The Center, which had designed and revised Hydra-Lock’s previous two websites, worked with their team lead to re-examine the layout and content of their website. Since their website was only four years old, it was decided that to remain competitive, a “refresh” was needed. The website design shifted to include dark, bold colors, and it adopted newer trends, features and plugins. A new Products Gallery was introduced and organized by Industry Type to highlight capabilities. Document downloads and video resources were increased throughout the site. Content was optimized. In the end, Hydra-Lock received a website that achieved their goals: improve the user experience and increase traffic.


  • Retained Sales: $1M
  • Retained Employees: 6
  • Website traffic increased 23%