Extreme Precision Screw Products

Success with The Center

EXTREME PRECISION SCREW PRODUCTS: Confident and Compliant with AS9100D

Thanks to The Center’s assistance, we were able to pass our audit with flying colors. Their review of our documentation and company gave us even more confidence going into our certification. We’re always happy to work with the team at The Center.
-- Michael Sigman, Quality Manager

Extreme Precision Screw Products (EPSP) (epspinc.com) was founded in 1943. EPSP has since been producing high-quality parts and subassemblies for the aerospace industry, both civilian and military applications. They also produce components for air valve manufacturers, precision tool and gage manufacturing, and custom automobile parts. In the medical field, they manufacture parts for craniotomies and corneal transplants. With 25 employees and a 16,000 square foot complex in Flint, Mich., they continue to exceed customer expectations, meet all relevant requirements, and continually improve the quality of products.


EPSP knows that a strong Quality Management System (QMS) allows for ease in passing a certification audit and produces higher quality parts with less scrap. Over the course of two years, and with a certification audit approaching, they had been preparing to improve their QMS. To satisfy the requirements of the AS9100D certification, they needed another set of eyes on their documentation to feel fully prepared.


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EPSP contacted the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center (The Center) to serve as an internal auditor. The Center’s quality expert toured the facility and took a close look at their existing QMS. Over the course of three days, The Center carefully reviewed the documentation. After conducting the internal audit, The Center found their existing QMS to be well documented, implemented and maintained. EPSP’s management team felt confident after The Center’s guidance and expertise and were ready to pursue their scheduled certification. Thanks to their work with The Center, EPSP passed their certification audits for AS9100D.


  • Successfully passed AS9100D registration audit - maintaining government and military contracts
  • Retained employees: 2
  • New Sales: 4 new clients with signed contracts