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Success with The Center

EBW ELECTRONICS: Shedding Light on the Positive Effects of Leadership Training

Our partnership with The Center has had positive ripples throughout EBWE. By using the lean training we have maximized our assets during a significant period of growth for our company. This has put us in position to use our capital to invest in new technology, such as our proprietary APTEC® Assembly Process. The leadership training has helped reinforce and cascade our core values with the next generation of leaders at EBWE. This has helped tremendously in EBWE being viewed as a premier employer in the area which continues to help us recruit key talent. We’ll continue to work with The Center to encourage growth in every team member at EBWE."
-- Tom Clark, Vice President

EBW Electronics (www.ebw-electronics.com) is a world leader in LED circuit boards and LED applications, specializing in design and electronic manufacturing of printed circuit board assemblies. Located in Holland, Michigan this family owned company employs over 230 individuals. They currently generate annual sales of approximately $50 million.


Having spent several years engaged with The Center – West on lean skill development, EBW Electronics wanted to shift their improvement focus to their supervisors. Their rapid growth deepened the need for strong leadership continuity throughout the organization. The leadership team recognized the importance of having effective front-line leadership to drive the culture.


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EBW Electronics came to The Center – West (The Right Place) for help with achieving a strong leadership culture. To accomplish this, supervisors participated in the Supervisor Leader User Group. Participation in this User Group helped EBW Electronics develop strong leader’s sustained EBW Electronics goal of a continuous growth, productivity and sales.


  • Improved Productivity: Set-up times decreased by 50%
  • Improved Productivity: Downtime reduced 23%
  • Increased Sales: Growth in sales by 50% from 2014 to 2017