Composite Builders, LLC

Success with The Center

COMPOSITE BUILDERS: New Manufacturer Charts Its Growth Course

Composite Builders LLC has benefited greatly through the advice and resources provided by the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center-West. We contacted The Center-West for improved quality systems and market strategies, however as their representatives learned more about us and our operations they extended further guidance to ensure our strong growth. Our relationship with The Center is an extension of our business, enjoying their networking events, and maintaining communication for new growth strategies.
-- BRIAN MACINNES Founder & CEO-Composite Builders

Composite Builders is a family-owned fabricator of structures and components using advanced fiber materials and fiber reinforced polymers. Located in Grandville, Michigan, the company began in 2014 with two employees, Brian and Danielle MacInnes, and currently employs five. Composite Builders is focused on, but not limited to, business development in the following industries: military, marine, medical, recreation, architectural, and energy.


Composite Builders, a relatively new company, is highly capable of meeting the requirements of the composite materials industry. As with any new startup company, building awareness around a company’s unique strengths and abilities can be a struggle. The company is strategically positioning to be competitive within the composite materials industry in product integrity, pricing, and highly qualified staff. They were faced with the challenge to increase their market visibility to promote growth. Composite Builders contacted the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center-West (The Center) to discuss and learn about the organization’s Growth and Innovation Services available to support them.


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After meeting with Composite Builders and completing a collaborative assessment process, the experts at The Center determined a “Growth Readiness” analysis was the best solution. The program is based on proven sales, marketing, and planning principles using information from the customer, company objectives and resources, and competitors to narrow down a core plan that differentiates the company in a global marketplace. The Growth Readiness analysis confirmed Composite Builders was in the “Introductory Stage” of their business cycle. The analysis revealed the company could realize great success in two distinct areas, other small companies for newer innovative products, and large companies with mature products looking for new innovative approaches to create new product lines. The analysis also recognized a superior ability to build unique one-on-one relationships through their knowledge of engineering carbon composite materials and prototyping.

Composite Builders used this information to develop a roll-out plan, focusing on their core competencies in engineering design, prototyping, and niche manufacturing of carbon composite materials expertise. They have an on-going relationship with The Center and have leveraged the relationship to expand their network to include; The Right Place, Inc., Michigan Economic Development Corporation, West Michigan Works, Small Business Development Center and Lakeshore Advantage. These resources have been essential to Composite Builders’ continued growth.


  • Sales: 200% Growth
  • Marketing: $100K Investment to Pursue Marine, Automotive, Aerospace and Energy Industries
  • Employees: 2 Added for Production and 1 Added for Administrative
  • Building: Relocation to 8,500 sq./ft. Facility
  • Machines: $250K Investment in Production Equipment