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Success with The Center

CASTER CONCEPTS, INC.: Expanding Sales Opportunities with AS9100D Certification

The Center’s instructor was a great trainer for AS9100 and really helped us be prepared for our Transfer Audit. He had relevant, real life examples to share along with feedback on our current processes. Going through the AS9100 training with The Center was critical to our success.
-- Doug Backinger, Director of Sales & Quality Manager

Caster Concepts, Inc. ( is a 35-year-old manufacturing business located in Albion, Michigan. Through organic growth and acquisition, it is now the premier supplier of Heavy Industrial Casters and Wheels for industries such as automotive, aerospace and material handling. With a problem-solving focus, Caster Concepts develops solutions for customers’ material handling problems, from reducing push force and noise to eliminating maintenance. Caster Concepts retains 110 employees in four separate locations operating eight business units. Their Albion location employs 88. Caster Concepts is a Conscious Capitalism Company that supports all stakeholders within these business units. Through Caster Cares, their philanthropic subsidiary, Caster Concepts also gives back to the local community through events like Run Albion, Swingin’ at the Shell, donations to employee-chosen nonprofits and much more.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Caster Concepts experienced a decline in sales, especially in the automotive market, which makes up a significant part of their customer base. To diversify and expand their capabilities to offset this sales decline, Caster Concepts purchased California-based Aerol Company Inc. to focus more on the aerospace industry. As part of this goal, Aerol would need to maintain their Quality Management System (QMS) to satisfy the requirements of the AS9100D standard so they could pursue more sales opportunities within the aerospace sector.


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With an existing AS9100D certified QMS in place, Aerol needed to upgrade and maintain their certification as they relocated from California to Michigan. For assistance with this transition, Caster Concepts and Aerol turned to the quality experts at the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center (The Center). Through seven on-site sessions, The Center’s expert provided guidance and mentoring to pave the way for Aerol’s registration. The Center reviewed the existing QMS and documentation at both Caster Concepts and Aerol before assisting with the integration and upgrade of the two systems, enabling both companies to achieve an even more robust QMS than before. With a well-documented QMS in place, along with support from top management, the Caster Concepts/Aerol team was able to make the recommended improvements to satisfy all requirements of the AS9100D standard. As a result, Aerol successfully maintained their AS9100D certification, providing both companies with a stronger QMS and a path for business growth going forward.


  • Jobs Added: 6
  • Jobs Retained: 2
  • Successfully passed AS9100D certification audits with zero findings, enabling the company to maintain current government and military contracts