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BRONSON PLATING COMPANY: New Website Supports Company Growth

Beyond simply updating the appearance of our website, the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center equipped us with the tools and training necessary to maintain a strong digital presence that will help our company grow.
-- Toby Welch, Owner-Bronson Plating Company

Established in 1946 and located in Bronson, MI, Bronson Plating Company ( is a chrome plating leader, performing rack plating for nickel, chrome and zinc. They also offer electro polishing and black oxide finishing. Bronson employs 28 people and their facilities encompass 100,000 square feet of production area.


Struggling with slowing sales and having had layoffs, Bronson Plating Company reached out to the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center to discuss options for business growth. One option discussed involved updating Bronson Plating Company’s website, which was more than three years old at the time. In its condition, the website was not an effective sales tool for the company. The website had been the same for years and lacked key elements such as analytical tools and optimized content.


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To remedy these issues, Bronson Plating Company collaborated with the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center to improve its website. To increase viewer engagement, the company updated content, created a blog, and incorporated mobile compatibility. The Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center also trained the Bronson Plating team in WordPress, Google Analytics and site engine optimization so they could track the impact of the changes being implemented. With the new website in place, further guidance was needed to maintain the website and implement a sales marketing process to increase website traffic. Overall, these improvements made for a more modern and user-friendly website that would support the company’s growth.


  • New Sales of $300,000
  • 5 Jobs Recalled from Layoff
  • 2 Jobs Added
  • $2,500,000 Retained Sales
  • Investment of $13,700