Bozel North America LLC

Success with The Center


Not only did MMTC help us prepare for our ISO 9001 certification, but they followed up to make sure the changes we made were working well throughout the entire certification process. With MMTC’s help, we achieved our certification and new business.
-- Patrick Kinnee, Vice President-Bozel North America, LLC

Bozel North America, LLC ( is located in Temperance, MI. Its sister plant in Brazil is the western hemisphere’s largest producer of Calcium Silicon. Bozel North America injects their CaSi and various other ferroalloys into Cored Wire in numerous size and packing options. Employing 20 at their Michigan plant, Bozel also produces Cored Wire in Brazil and France. Bozel possesses decades of technical expertise in Cored Wire manufacturing and injection systems.


The team at Bozel North America, LLC found themselves possibly missing business opportunities and potential new clients were demanding ISO 9001 certification—a credential the company didn’t have. Knowing they needed the ISO 9001 certification, and realizing its staffing constraints due to growth, the certification process entailed too many challenges to obtain this certification in the timeline demanded by potential new customers without help. As a result, they sought the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center’s assistance in preparing the company and employees for the certification process.


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To assist Bozel North America, LLC in obtaining ISO 9001 certification, MMTC conducted a five-day, Preparation and Implementation Program. MMTC walked them through the development and implementation of a robust Quality Management System (QMS) including quality policy and objectives. MMTC also assisted Bozel in gathering and completing the necessary documentation for the certification process. Bozel staff received internal auditor training to ensure the newly implemented QMS was working as designed and to identify areas which could be improved. Once Bozel obtained the ISO 9001 certification, they increased sales by 50%.


  • Jobs Added: 10
  • Jobs Retained: 10
  • Cost Savings: $25,000
  • Investments Made: $15,000
  • Potential New Sales targets: $15 Million