Blevins Screw Products

Success with The Center

BLEVINS SCREW PRODUCTS: Dedicated to Quality with AS9100D Certification

We’re so thankful for The Center’s help. Their expertise gave us confidence in our Quality Management System. They were great to work with and did a thorough audit of our organization to ensure we were meeting all requirements. We now are certified and have improved.
-- Michael Sigman, Quality Manager

Blevins Screw Products ( has been a global supplier of precision machined parts for 65 years. Passed down three generations, the family-owned business can furnish a wide range of CNC machined parts varying in size, material and method of production. As one of six companies owned by Blevins Group, Blevins Screw Products is built around customer satisfaction and is located in Flint, Mich. With 24 employees, their capabilities include machining, grinding, cutting, centerless grinding, laser marking, deep hole drilling and more. Blevins’ cutting includes plastics, stainless steel, brass, aluminum and more. They also have products that can be made to order and have DFAR compliant materials when requested.


With a commitment to quality, Blevins Screw Products works to maintain a strong Quality Management System (QMS). For the past two years, they had been preparing their QMS for AS9100D certification. With their certification audit approaching, they weren’t fully confident in their current QMS.


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Needing guidance to drive improvement and meet regulatory requirements, Blevins reached out to the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center (The Center) for help. A quality expert from The Center visited the facility to provide an internal audit on their QMS. After three days of thorough review, The Center found that their QMS was free of non-conformances and was well documented, implemented and maintained. The Center’s expertise and comprehensive review provided Blevins’ management team with the confidence in their processes and documentation. They successfully passed their AS9100D certification audit.


  • Successfully passed AS9100D registration audit - maintaining government and military contracts
  • Retained employees: 2
  • New clients: 2 new clients with signed contracts