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BAUER CONTROLS: Retaining Clients with ISO 9001 Certification

The Center was instrumental in helping us achieve and maintain our ISO certification. I would recommend them to anyone looking to do the same.
-- Kelly Woodard, HR Manager

Based in Plymouth, Mich., Bauer Controls ( is an industry leader in developing data collection, data analysis, test control, and data reporting software. With 50 employees, they provide test integration services and specialize in developing production test applications. Whether it's product testing, process monitoring or data reporting, Bauer Controls develops solutions for manufacturers that require quantitative or qualitative measurements.


Bauer Controls experienced a change in Quality Team leadership. Realizing the existing Quality system was too complicated, the new leadership decided that cleaning up the present system would help transition to the newer ISO 9001:2015 standard. They identified a need for assistance with this process, as well as transitioning to the new standard.


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The Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center (The Center) was the answer to their problems. The Quality team at The Center put together a plan to help Bauer Controls meet the newest requirements, as well as to make the system more value-added. This process included mentoring focused on streamlining and simplifying their current standard, preparation for the transition to the new standard and finally transitioning to 9001:2015.

The existing Quality standard at Bauer Controls was very large and cumbersome, making it difficult for employees to follow. To improve this, The Center’s team assisted them in a hands-on review of their Quality Management System to determine where non-value added internal requirements could be removed to create a more practical QMS. They worked together to streamline their QMS and make it more user-friendly and value-added. Their newly-established QMS will continue to be monitored by employees through both internal auditing and management review. These will be performed at planned intervals to ensure the QMS is working correctly, as well as to identify areas where continual improvement may be applied. Following their successful transition to the 9001:2015 standard, Bauer Controls was able to retain customers that required this new standard, in addition to becoming more efficient and updated on their Quality processes.


  • Cost Savings: $10,000
  • New Investment: $20,000
  • Jobs Retained: 40
  • New Sales: $5,000,000
  • Retained Sales: $37,000,000