Amigo Mobility International, Inc.

Success with The Center

AMIGO MOBILITY INTERNATIONAL: Lean Champion Training Increases Efficiency

Amigo has greatly benefitted from the support of the MMTC LEAN Manufacturing Champion training. Not only that, but our customers also now benefit in the form of better service – it’s a win-win.
-- Joe Mooney Chief Operating Officer

Amigo Mobility International, Inc. manufactures and sells mobility power operated vehicles for personal, retail and material handling use. Headquartered in Bridgeport, Michigan, Amigo has been Improving Lives Through Mobility® since 1968. As the first-invented, industry-leading mobility vehicle, the Amigo®, named for being the “friendly wheelchair,” gained popularity as people regained their mobility and personal independence through its use. Under Al and Beth Thieme’s direction, Amigo Mobility has grown to include three diverse product lines, is a certified green business, and will soon be celebrating its 50th Anniversary.


An increase in sales created bottleneck issues in order fulfillment and shipping. The time and physical distance it took to fulfill orders was causing costs per unit to escalate, and response time to critical shipments was at risk.


After completing MMTC’s Lean Manufacturing Champion course, the Amigo Mobility team created two value stream maps to enhance workflows and construct a lean manufacturing system. The production line and shipping department were relocated to a larger plant, allowing shipping to be closer to the units most frequently manufactured and sold. The company also invested in new order printers to improve information flows and packaging equipment to increase shipping efficiency.


  • Increased efficiency in time definite units by 93 percent
  • Reduced labor costs by $20,000 per year
  • Extended window for order placement by 2.5 hours, allowing customers to place orders later in the day
  • Improved information flows across all departments